Science_Review 9_Forms of Energy

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Transcript Science_Review 9_Forms of Energy

Review 6
1. Energy - the ability to make things move
or change.
2. Chemical Energy - the energy that objects
have. It is stored in the food we eat. We
use it to keep our bodies running.
* Example: a car burns gasoline to move the
Review 6
3. Energy Transformation - when energy
changes from one type to another.
Example: a doorbell changes an
electrical current into sound.*
4. Mechanical Energy - the energy in moving
Review 6
5. Potential Energy – stored energy. An
object’s potential to move because of
its position and Earth’s gravity.
6. Kinetic Energy – energy of movement. It
is cause by the mass and speed of a
moving object.
Review 6
7. Heat Energy – moves between things that
are at different temperatures.
8. Solar Energy – a form of energy that
combines the properties of light and heat
from the sun.
Review 6
9. Magnetism – the ability to attract certain
metals, and to attract or repel other
magnetic materials.
10. Attract – when two objects pull towards
each other.
11. Repel – when two objects are pushed
away from each other.
Review 6
12. Electricity – the movement of negative
charges from one place to another.
13. Electrons – negatively charged particles.
14. Current – movement of electrons
through a conductor.
*Example: wire*
Review 6
15. Static Electricity – a charge that builds
up when two things rub together.
16. Conductor – any material that allows
electrical charges or heat to travel easily
through it.
17. Insulators – do not let electricity or
heat travel through them easily.