Grades Close Next Week on Wednesday, April 9

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Transcript Grades Close Next Week on Wednesday, April 9

Grades Close Next Week on
Wednesday, April 9
Come in for make up work
Current Electricity
Explain what is happening
The flow (movement) of charge
 Can you remember how
and why heat flows?
 What would make the
heat stop flowing?
 It flows from the hotter
to the cooler object
 When the temperature is
the same (equalized)
The flow (movement) of charge
 Current electricity acts
 When the 2 ends of an
electrical conductor are
at 2 different electric
potentials….charge flows
(moves) from one end to
the other
Potential difference = Voltage
 Do you remember why lightning occurs?
Potential Difference= Voltage= Pressure
How can we maintain a sustained flow of water?
Voltage Sources
 Electrons do not flow
unless there is a potential
 A sustained current
requires a “pump” to
provide the continued
potential difference
 Examples- dry cell, wet
cell, generator
What are 3 examples that supply a potential
 Dry cell, wet cell, generator
Dry Cells, Wet Cells, Generators supply energy
that allow electrons to move
We use 120 v in our homes (and 240)
Which 2 analogies are used to describe
the movement of electricity?
 Water and Heat
 How is the movement of electricity different from
water and heat?
 The energy flows..the electrons vibrate in place, hit
one another and transfer the electricity