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Electricity Production
Samantha .C.
What is Electricity?
Benjamin Franklin
invented electricity
by knotting a metal
key to a kite to see
if the lightning and
the key would
make electricity.
Types of Electricity
The 3 types of electricity are
Static electricity- is produced when some
materials are rubbed together.
Current electricity- is caused by tiny
invisible things called electrons that move
through metal.
Solar electricity- is created by using
photovoltaic technology by converting solar
energy into solar electricity from sunlight.
How does it travel?
Electricity travels
through a circuit…
the circuit consists
of many
conductors and
The Metre
Electricity is measured by
The metre works by
measuring power by
performing the product of
the line current (in Amps)
and the line voltage (in
Potential Dangers
Cut wires
Loose cords
Avoid danger by
not putting plugs in
an outlet without
parent super
Making your house safe
Make sure kids
don’t put wires in
their mouth.
Don’t leave all
lights on.