Four- Stroke Small Engines

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Transcript Four- Stroke Small Engines

Four- Stroke
Small Engines
Mr. O
Recoil Start- Pull start system, connects to
Flywheel- Large wheel mounted to
crankshaft, stores momentum to keep
engine running. Contains magneto
Components (cont’d)
Crankshaft- Transfers piston motion into
rotation. Used as engine output.
Components (cont’d)
Piston-creates combustion
Inside chamber.
Piston rings -add compression/
clean cylinder walls.
*Connecting RodConnects piston to
Components (cont’d)
Camshaft- rotate to open
and close valves.
Timing gear- Spin to control
opening/closing of valves.
Components (cont’d)
Intake valve- opens
and closes to allow air
fuel mixture to enter.
Exhaust valve- opens
and closes to allow
exhaust to escape.
Components (cont’d)
Sparkplug- fits into cylinder head and ignites
compressed fuel/air mixture.
Magneto- device which
generates electric
current when rotated.
Coil- (ignition coil) converts low voltage into high
voltage needed for spark plug.
Components (cont’d)
Fuel Tank- Stores gasoline
Air cleaner- Connects to
carburetor, cleans
incoming air.
Carburetor- regulates fuel
intake and fuel air mixture.
How 4 strokes work: