Chemical Engineering

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Chemical Engineering
06-363 Lab
This will help you
Explore the vast body of chemical
engineering literature
Compare your work (experiments) to what
has been done by others
Communicate your efforts effectively by
your ability to research the theory and
practice of a given topic
Fuel cells that use glycerol as fuel
Research question:
I am interested in articles that discuss fuel
cells that use glycerol as a fuel—derived
from biological sources, such as algae,
biodiesel wastes, or yeast
Where can I get Information?
Engineering Index – all engineering fields
Can also search along with Inspec
Web of Science
Science Citation Index
SciFinder Scholar
Chemical Abstracts
Full-text technical handbooks/reference texts
Scirus and Clusty search engines
Refine search:
Choose headings from “Refine Results”
part of the screen
Can also “Add a term”
Click “Include” tab to perform the search
To find a copy of the article, click
Web of Science
Cited Reference Search
Web of Science
SciFinder Scholar
Research Topic Search example:
fuel cells and yeast
Substances: Substance Identifier search:
Get References,
Refine by Research Topic: fuel cells
Knovel search
glycerol AND fuel
Practice searching in Knovel
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Try these search engines
Something fun…
Video Contest
The Future of Chemical Engineering
Search “Future of ChemE” on YouTube (or Facebook)
for AICHE 2008 Student Contest group
Contact me for your info needs:
Donna Beck
Engineering Librarian
[email protected]