“Travka” painting pattern

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«Welcome to the capital of
Golden Khokhloma!»
History of Semenov
Khokhloma painting
“Travka” painting pattern
“Pod fon” painting pattern
“ Kudrina» painting pattern
Welcome to Semenov a fascinating
place in the north of Nizhniy Novgorod
region named Zavolzhie – the home land
of a unique art phenomenon called
The history of the region
is connected with the
names of well-known
writers such as
V.Korolenko, M.Prishvin,
painters N.Repin, I.
Glasunov, patriarhs
Nikon, Avvakuum,
To see the beauty of
wooden plates, bowls,
beer mugs and
bratinas you should
come to the town
museum where the
largest in the world
collection of
Khokhloma is housted.
Khokhloma painting on wood is unique to
Russian folk art. Its original design and “gliding” have been famous
since the 17th century. This handicraft got its name from one of its
birthplaces – the village of Khokhloma in Nizhniy Novgorod region
not far from the town of Semenov and is very popular in Russia.
Now Semenov is the centre of
Khokhloma folk art which is
Khokhloma”. This fame was
achieved by the master painters
of the Semenov association
“Khokhlomskya rospis”, which
is the biggest producer of
wooden goods with traditional
folk painting in Russia.
“Travka” painting pattern is
original Khokhloma pattern. The ornament is plotted
upon silver background. The silver background after
being lacquered and tempered in an oven becomes
“Grass” painting is done by long lissome strokes of
the brush. The painting results in resembling blades of
grass waving in the wind . It originates from the 17th
century when rich grassy ornament were used to
decorate icons and manuscripts.
“Pod fon” painting pattern or
“background” more often was used for
creating festive dishes – large
plates beer mugs. This technique was
worked out in the 19th century. The
contours of the ornament – plant
stems, leaves, various fruit and
flowers are drawn with the black
paint on the surface of a wooden
things covered with silvery tin
“Kudrina” painting pattern is a variety of
background painting. “Kudrina” ornaments are
contoured with a thin outline. The intricate
ornament consists of interweaving branches with
tiny ornate leaves that resemble the ornaments of
books published in Russia before the 18th
century. Even after painting the background black
or red the prevailing color in the ornament in
“Khokhlomskaya rospis” to see the process
of making the glory of Semenov and meet the
people who make Golden Khokhloma famous
all over the world.
The end
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