The War Ends

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Transcript The War Ends

The War Ends
• What changes did the end of the war bring?
In September 1918 more than one
million United States troops fought in a
huge battle in Meuse-Argone. More
Americans fought in this battle than
any other single battle in United States
history. This battle lead to the final
defeat of the Central Powers. On
November 11, 1918 the Central Powers
surrendered. Which is now Veterans
The war had been devastating and
costly for both sides. Everyone hoped
that there would never be another war
like this again. They called it “The War
to End all Wars,” because no one could
imagine it happening again.
President Wilson and the other Allied
leaders met in Versailles, France to
draw a peace treaty. Wilson hoped
that the treaty would not punish the
Central Powers and would make sure
that there would be lasting peace.
Wilson suggested an international
organization be formed to prevent
wars, a League of Nations.
The Treaty of Versailles officially ended
World War I. However, the Central
Powers were punished through the
treaty. It demanded that Germany pay
heavy fines and not rebuild its army.
The treaty also created the League of
The United States Senate did not
approve the treaty and disagreed with
the harsh treatment of Germany. Also,
many Americans feared the League of
Nations would force the US into future
wars. People wanted to return to a
policy of isolationism.