3.1 Recovery and Renewal

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Transcript 3.1 Recovery and Renewal

3.1 Succession, Recovery, and
Renewal in Natural Communities
Ecosystems change in
predictable ways
known as succession
Ecosystems can
establish themselves in
places where there has
never been an
Ecosystems can
recover from
catastrophic natural
3.1 What is Happening to this
Vacant Lot?
3.1 Succession
Succession is the
replacement of one
community of living
things by another.
The changes take
place over a long
period of time, and
they happen in a
predictable way
3.1 Primary Succession
The formation of a new
community where no
community has
existed (volcanic
islands, rocky shores,
sand dunes)
Plants and plant-like
species that are part of
primary succession are
often called pioneer
species (lichens and
3.1 Secondary Succession
This type of succession
occurs when a community
has been destroyed or
disturbed by natural
occurrences or human
activities. A new
community then replaces
A farmer's field, a vacant
lot in the city, a newly
forested area are
examples of where this
type of succession occurs.
3.1 Climax Community
Natural communities
will change until a
fairly stable
community forms.
This community is
called a climax
It features large
plants and animals
such as those found
in a forest.
3.1 Recovery and Renewal
Ecosystems that have
suffered catastrophic
events such as fires,
floods, avalanches or
landslides, or even
earthquakes CAN
recover as long as the
essential abiotic
elements remain to
support living things.
3.1 Recovery and Renewal
3.1 Recovery and Renewal