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Key Innovations in Biodiversity
Opportunities (and challenges) for biodiversity
information management in Brazil
Biggest biodiversity in the world
Poor integration among institutions, specially for those
located in remote biodiversity-rich areas
Development of low cost standards and protocols
(software in the public domain, open platforms, etc)
Unbalanced communication services among regions
Biodiversity informatics and decision making
Planning and monitoring conservation strategies
Modeling the impacts of climate change on biodiversity
and other complex systems (agriculture, public health,
Defining research priorities and strategies
Decision making support systems for governmental
regulatory agencies (oil & gas, energy, mining, water
resources, etc)
Limitations to the use of biodiversity information
for decision making processes
Lack of integration among different sources of available
information, mainly at the different levels of biodiversity
(ecosystem, inter-specific and intra-specific)
Poor integration among specialists working at different
levels (ecologists, botanists, genebank curators and
breeders, etc.)
Lack of information technology to make 1. and 2.
Information technology as a key factor in promoting
Source: CGIAR Challenge
Program Full Proposal (2002)
“Unlocking Genetic Diversity
in Crops for the Resource Poor”
Priority activities to promote biodiversity
information development in Brazil
Strengthen Brazilian capacity and current experiences in
biodiversity information management (BINBr; Biota-SP Environment Information
System ; Culture Collection
Brazilian Information System and
Strengthen international cooperation with similar activities
at regional and global levels (GBIF ; Species
2000 ; Species Analyst ; Interamerican Biodiversity
Network – IABIN ; and others
Mechanisms and strategies to promote
information technology and innovation in
Additional federal funding coming from distinct private
sources (“fundos setoriais”), having environment and
biodiversity as an important cross-cutting issue
Combine federal and state funding and expertise to
increase leverage of research capacity
The challenge ahead
How to integrate national and international initiatives into
a organized, well-resourced national approach to build
and manage biodiversity information through
collaborative efforts, for the benefit of the conservation
and sustainable use of biodiversity at all levels.
Thank you!
Marcio de Miranda Santos
Executive Director
Center for Strategic Management and Studies on
Science, Technology and Innovation - CGEE