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Environmental Science
Chapter 10
Notes #1
 What
happened to the
meteor created dust that blocked
the sun?
 A climate change?
 A dino with limited predators
destroyed the eggs?
 Other suggestions?
Biodiversity at Risk
 Biodiversity
 Number and variety of species on Earth
 Most of Earth’s species are concentrated in
certain biomes
 1.6 million known species
 Why are many unknown?
 Mostly Insects, Why?
 Including unknown – probably 10 to 50
Extinction – disappearance of a species
Mass Extinction
 Many species at one time/over a short
period become extinct
 In the past, all probably caused by climate
Currently happening faster than ever
How are humans causing extinction?
 Habitat Destruction
 Hunting (poaching)
 Exotic Species
Future of Biodiversity
Biodiversity Hot Spots
Areas with many species, in danger of
becoming extinct or endangered
Tropical, close to equator, coastal
To Save – Large National Parks?
Habitat conservation
 Plans to protect one or more species in
a large area of land
Between 1900 and 2100 it is expected that about
25% of species will have become extinct.
Why does it matter?
 We lose potential medicines, loss of genetic
diversity, food sources, can ruin whole
ecosystem, ethical and aesthetic reasons, etc…
 Loss of Keystone species
 Species that are important to the proper
functioning of an ecosystem
 Example: sea otter
 They kept the sea urchin population in