My Introduction to Fisheries Issues 1937

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Transcript My Introduction to Fisheries Issues 1937

My Introduction to Fisheries Issues
Dr. Evans and The Road to NOAA
March 1984 Confirmed Chairman Marine
Mammal Commission: The Route to NOAA
November 1986 AA for NOAA Fisheries
April 1, 1988, Confirmed at Under Secretary
of Commerce and 5th Administrator and
second Under Secretary of Commerce for
Retired July 4, 1989
Major NOAA Issues of 1980’s
Whaling Moratorium, IWC, Aboriginal
Subsistence whaling, Research Whaling
Fisheries, Red Drum, Shrimp Fisheries and
TEDS, By Catch, Tuna Fisheries
Endangered Species
Modernizing the Weather Service
Lack of one GOES Satellite
International Fisheries Issues
Whales and Whaling
Commercial Whaling
in Iceland, Japan and
Interpretation of 1946
ICRW and its 1956
Industrial Whaling
Factory Ship and Catcher Boats
Soviet Reported Data on Take
Soviet Real Data
Endangered Species
Fisheries Issues of the 1980’s and
The Crisis with Fisheries
Many Fish Few Boats
Many Boats Few Fish
Major Fisheries Issues During My
Over Fishing – Red Drum Crisis
Shrimp Fishery and Turtles and fish ByCatch –Turtle Excluder Devices TEDS
Working on Improving Communication with
Fishery Management Councils
Trans Boundary Issues
International Issues
Fishing Boat Observer Program
Major Issues Today-Input From the
Over Fishing, By-Catch
By-Catch Reduction Devices (BRDs)
Developing More Effective Communication with
Regional Councils
Fisheries Observer Program -Lots of Data –Lack
of Funding to Analyze it.
International Programs-IWC, ICCAT
Lack of Emphasis on Habitat Research
Lack of Trained Ecologist
Current Issues Cont.
Graying of Leadership at Regional Research
Laboratories: Too few Young PhD FTE’s as
Allocation of Resources
Ecosystems Management-Too much
Talking not Enough Doing
Ecosystems Management Start of a
September 14, 1987, we completed a National
Marine Fisheries Service Program Development
Plan (PDP) for Ecosystems Monitoring and
Fisheries Management. The plan had several
regions submit PDP’s.
The House Merchant Marine and Fisheries
Committee, Chaired by the Congressman from
Massachusetts was less than enthusiastic. The
Proposal Went No-where Until 1994
Major Road Blocks
Reluctance of Congress to understand the
necessity for an ecosystems approach to
management of living marine resources.
The U.S. Policies, in dealing with the
problems and issues in whaling and other
endangered species issues. and our trying to
not alienate our International friends,
(Japan, Norway, Iceland)
Exxon Valdez
The Oil Pollution Act of 1990 (OPA 90) was
signed into law in August of 1990, largely in
response to rising public concern following
the Exxon Valdez oil spill.
On March 24, 1989, the Exxon Valdez struck
Bligh Reef in Prince William Sound, Alaska
spilling 267,000 barrels of crude oil.
The spill posed a severe threat to the valuable
ecosystem of Prince William Sound and
surrounding areas.
Exxon Valdez with Boom
Conflicts Between Agencies with Inputs in
EXXON Valdez Issues-Who has
Changes in Balance between Conservation
Members and Pro-Whaling Members
Allocation of Resources with Changes in
Environmental Issues.
Fisheries: Reduction in International Capacity
Better National and International Enforcement
Realignment of Priorities of the Sustainable
Fisheries Act.
Whaling: Times Have Changed since 1956
Protocol was Signed. Have a Committee of
Original 1946 Signatories Revisit the Convention’s
(ICRW) Wording and Intent.