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Every species interacts with other species and with
its environment in a unique way.
Ecological niche
These interactions define the ecological niche of a
species, or the role of a species within its ecosystem.
An ecological niche includes what a species feeds on, what eats it, and how it
Consumers can be subdivided depending on what types of organisms they eat.
Food Chains
Feeding relationships between species can be represented
using food chains.
food chains
trophic level
In a food chain, some of the chemical energy from the
producer is passed along from one species to the next.
Because all organisms continually use and release
energy to their environment, energy is continuously
lost from all levels of the food chain.
The trophic level describes the position of an
organism along a food chain.
Species can be divided into trophic levels depending on how they obtain their energy.
Food Webs
Food chains are used as a tool to show simple
feeding relationships.
A food web is a more accurate, but still
incomplete, way to illustrate feeding relationships.
Complex food webs are usually more stable
than simple food webs, because species do
not depend on just one source of food.
food web