Unit 2 Review

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Unit 2 Review
A barnacle on the
belly of a whale is
an example of
Population size of a
parasite is closely
related to the
population of its
What is the difference
between autotrophs
and heterotrophs?
What is this called?
When the population
of an organism
reaches a point
where death = births
Which area (shape) represents the
fundamental niche?
A retreating glacier
leaves a clear, clean
body of water. What
process will
eventually occur?
A flower and a bee
have what type of
What is the first
organism to
colonize newly
exposed rock?
An increase in predator
population will most
likely cause a
__________ in the
prey population.
What does a biomass
pyramid show?
Two species living
closely together is
called _________.
A community that
will not go through
any further
succession is
called a ________
An organism that
is actively hunted
by another could
be considered a
In primary
no life
grass shrubs
deciduous trees.
All consumers must
eat either plants or
animals in order to
provide themselves
with ____________.
The situation that will
occur when two
organisms have the
same fundamental
and realized niche.
What is the difference
between generalized
species and a
specialized species?
What affect does the
removal of the
keystone predator
have on population
Hurricane Katrina is
an example of
what type of limiting
Give an example of
convergent evolution.
A symbiotic
relationship in which
both organism
benefits is called
Give an example of
a parasitic
All natural
ecosystems are
said to be
What two things
determine the type of
land biome in a given
What theory suggests
that ecosystems may
be very sensitive to
even small changes
and that can cause
drastic results?
What term is defined
as a layer in the
structure of feeding
relationships in an
In an ecosystem,
what consumes the
top carnivore?
In a numbers pyramid,
which trophic level is the
What percentage
of energy in one
trophic level
appears in the
Where does all the
energy in an
ecosystem initially
come from?
Plants that have
bacteria in their
roots are called
___________ is the
evaporation of
water from the
leaves of plants.
___________ is the
concentration of a
pollutant in organisms
at higher trophic
levels in a food web.
Give an example of
Primary consumers
are always on the
__________ trophic