Digestive system

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Transcript Digestive system

By: Che Kara,
Jazmine, and Sascha
How It Works
The digestive system is a lot of hollow organs
joined in a long twisted tubes from the mouth to the
• Inside the tube there is a lining called the mucosa. In
the mouth, stomach, and small intestine.
• The mucosa contains tiny glands that make juices to
help digest our food.
• Two solid organs, the liver and the pancreas, make
digestive juices that touch the intestine through the
small tubes.
The Mouth
• Mouth: teeth take
bites and chew food
until its soft so that it
is easy to swallow.
• Chewing food that is
mixed with watery
saliva from glands to
make the face moist
and slippery.
The Esophagus
• The esophagus or
gullet is a muscle
• It takes food from
the throat and
pushes it down to
the neck and into
your belly.
• The food moves by
waves of muscle
tightment called
the peristalsis.
• The belly has thick
• In its wall these
contract to mash the
food into a sloppy
• The stomach lining
makes strong digestive
juices that attack the
food in a chemical way
of breaking down and
dissolving nutrients.
Small Intestines
• The small intestine has a
particular folded texture
to increase the surface
area available for
diffusion of nutrients.
• Through the intestinal
wall so they can be
• These microscopic folds
are called microvilli.
• In an older human body,
the small intestine is
about seven meters long.
Large Intestine
• The large intestine is about
1.5m long.
• It extends from the ileocecal
junction to the anus.
• On the surface, you can see
bands of longitudinal muscle
fibers called taeniae coli.
Each is about 5mm wide.
• There is three bands and
they start at the base of the
How Food Is Digested
• Digestion has mixing of food, its
movement through the digestive tract and
the chemicals break down food from big
molecules to small molecules.
• Digestion starts in the mouth so when u
chew and then swallow it goes into the
small intestine.
• The chemical process is some what a
different kind of food.
Letter C
• The excretory system removes water,
wastes material and harmful
substances from the body.
• This process is called excretion.
• The skin, lungs, kidneys and lower
intestine are involved in the excretion.
• The digestive system processes nutrients
and waste from the foods we eat and the
liquids we drink.
• The stomach, mouth and intestine are
parts of the digestive system.