Velocity – is the displacement divided by the time.

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Transcript Velocity – is the displacement divided by the time.

DOS - Ringwords
Motion - when an object changes it position
Relative Motion - an object’s position change is described in terms of a
reference point
Energy - a force can set an object into motion, stop it, or change the
speed or direction of the object’s motion
Inertia - measures an object’s tendency to remain at rest or keep
moving. More mass = more inertia
Distance - the entire path an object travels
Displacement – the distance and direction
between starting and ending position.
Example: You hiked 22 km over a mountain,
but you only are 12 km from where you started.
22km is you distance - displacement is 12km
from your original position.
Speed - is the distance traveled divided by the time
needed to travel the distance
Constant speed - speed is the same at any given moment
in time
Changing speed - speed at a particular instant in time
(6 M) = 2 m/s
(3 S)
Velocity – is the displacement divided by the time.
(Speed of a object and the direction of motion)
VELOCITY = DISPLACEMENT (1 km east) = .5 km/h east
(0.5 h)
Acceleration - is the change in velocity divided by the amount of time required
for the change to occur (speeding up or slowing down)
FINAL SPEED-INITIAL SPEED (8m/s - 2m/s)= 6m/s =.5m/s2
Turning or changing direction is also acceleration.
Speed – distance something moves in a
certain time
 Velocity – speed in a certain direction
 Acceleration – a change in speed
a. Positive
b. Negative
You can change motion by changing the
a. Speed (distance)
b. Velocity (direction)