Force 2-1 Notes

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Sci. 2-1
Gravity and Motion
Pages 36-42
A. All objects fall with the same
acceleration. Mass does NOT
affect the rate at which it falls.
B.All objects accelerate toward Earth
at a rate of 9.8 m/s/s.
V=9.8 m/s/s x ___s
V= g x t
C.A penny takes 3 seconds to hit
the ground.
V=9.8 x 3 = 29.4 m/s down
D. Air Resistance (Fluid Friction)
slows down acceleration because
air resists the surface of the falling
E. Terminal Velocity- the constant
velocity of a falling object when the
size of the upward force of air
resistance matches the size of the
downward force of gravity.
F. Free Fall- only truly happens when there
is no air resistance (in a vacuum). Feather
and Apple fall with the same acceleration.
G. Orbit- to go around something in
a nearly circular path.
H. Centripetal force- the force that
causes objects to move in a circular
I. Projectile Motion- 2 partshorizontal velocity and vertical
velocity which causes a curved path