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Chapter 2 and 3
What is the upward
force exerted on an
object falling through
What is the symbol for
Weightless is when an
object seems to be in _____
Which law is summed up
by the following equation:
What two things does
gravitational force depend
What is the path of a
When will the following
hit the ground: feather and
bowling ball?
And what about if there
was an absence of air?
What is acceleration due to
(It is a number)
If you press 50 N on the
wall and it doesn’t move,
what force is the wall
pressing back?
Rocket Propulsion is an
example of what?
Friction between a tire of a
moving truck and the
highway is what type of
How many basic forces are
What are the four basic
4 point question
A roller coaster going
around a sharp curve is
subject to what type of
What is the largest velocity
felt by a falling object?
When a car moves in a
circle, what kind of
acceleration does it have?
What is the property of a
moving object resulting
from its mass and velocity?
What is this an equation of:
mass x gravity?
What is weight measured
What is a term that tells
you the amount of force
needed to move an object?
Is momentum lost,
destroyed, or transferred?
If you have a paper bag
that is flat and one that is
crumbled, which one will
hit the ground first?
When you are trying to
push a box across the floor
and it doesn’t move, what
kind of force is acting upon
What kind of force do you
have when the box starts
What are the points you
measure distance from
known as?
What are the areas known
as that stick together and
are a source of friction?
The law of ______
provided scientists with a
way to find new, distant
Which law states that for
every force there is an
equal and opposite
What tells you that
momentum can be
transferred between
 What is the distance an object
travels per unit of time?
What is a change of
velocity’s rate?
A Push or a Pull is known
What is resistance to a
change in Motion?