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Cheri Scheer
Force and Motion
Force and motion
 Science 7
 Strand 2
 Objective 1a, 2a, b, d,e,f
 GLE link
Effects of Motion
 Average speed- distance divided by time
 Distance- average speed x time
 Velocity- speed of object and direction of
 Acceleration- change in velocity divided by
time needed for the change.
Force- push or pull
 Measured in Newtons
 Pounds x 4.4
 Force= mass x acceleration
 Two forces in the same direction equals the
sum of the forces
 Two equal forces in opposite directions
equals no net force
 Two unequal forces act in opposite
directions equal the difference in the forces
Newton’s 1st Law of Motion
 An object will not change motion unless
unbalanced force act on it.
 Object at stays at rest, object in motion
stays in motion (until it is is acted on)
Effects motion
 Friction- force between two surface in
contact that resist each other
 Inertia- tendency to resist change
 Mass of object will effect both.
Newton’s 2nd law of motion
 Object is acted on by net force the
acceleration is in the direction of the force
and equal to the force divided by mass.
 Acceleration = net force
Newton’s 3rd law
 When one object exerts a force on a second
object, the second object also exerts an
equal force in the opposite direction