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Persian Wars
7. The young runner who ran 26 miles to inform Athens of the Greek's victory in the Battle of Marathon
9. This was an agreement that the remaining Greek city-states would help each other
11. The city-state that had power after the Persian wars were over.
1. The narrow pass where 300 Spartans held their ground and died for Sparta.
2. While Athens was crushing Persia at sea, the Spartan army was crushing them on the plain of ____________.
3. The wars began because king Darius conquered __________ and raised taxes.
4. New ships used by the Athenian navy to punch holes into the Persian ships
5. The successor of King Darius
6. In the Persian Wars, Persia fought against ___________.
7. This formation was used in the Battle of Marathon and helped the Greeks win!
8. Athens had a powerful ________.
10. The victory over Persia gave Greece a sense of __________.
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