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Philip II
• King of Macedonia
– rules 359-336 BC
– Kingdom in north
– Father of Alexander
the Great
• Admired Greece
– conquered it after
Peloponnesian Wars
(c. 338 BC)
• Macedonians seen as
barbarians by Greeks
Alexander the Great’s Music Video 
Alexander the Great
• Son of Philip II,
– ruled 336-323 BC, may have helped kill father to get throne
• Learned warfare from early age
– master strategist and general
• Conquered Persian Empire 334-331 BC
• Conquered Egypt
– built Alexandria which became one of most important cities
• 326 BC crossed Indus River
– soldiers refused to go on
• Went back to Babylon
– where he died in his early 30’s from a combination of wounds, too
much alcohol, and fever
• His empire spread Greek culture, thought, and language
Alexander the Great
1. FILM Trailer:
(I’m not a fan of this film for various reasons, but it does show his accomplishments)
2. Smithsonian Documentary- 20 minutes : on Alexander, his tomb, and his legacy
Take notes while watching and be prepared to turn in a list of at least 10
interesting facts you didn’t know or that you found fascinating.
Hellenistic Age
• w/Alexander’s death, empire divided into 3
kingdoms ruled by his generals
• Kept Greek culture
– (Hellenistic: “about Greek culture”)
• Greeks/Macedonians
– rulers/officials in all kingdoms
• Greek:
– became language of gov’t, business, education, etc.
• Alexandria (in Egypt):
– became largest city 1st Century BC, center for
learning, home to scholars, scientists, largest library
Hellenistic Culture
• New cities throughout WORLD built w/traditional Greek
• Sculptures: no longer idealistic, but more realistic
• Scholastic gains in astronomy and mathematics
– Knew earth is sphere, calculated circumference
– Plane geometry (Euclid) and geometry of spheres/cylinders, value of
pi (Archimedes) developed
• Philosophy still centered in Athens (new philosophy)
– Epicureanism:
• self-interest was basic motivation, pursuit of pleasure (If it makes you happy…)
founded by Epicurus
– Stoicism:
• reason, self control, discipline, morality, always fine, founded by Zeno (more
popular in Greece and Rome), you do not give into desires
Hellenistic Culture
Comparing the Classical Age and the
Hellenistic Age
(use pages 134-155)
Classical Age
20 items
Hellenistic Age
20 items
10 items