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Porter Elementary
A Learning Community
Porter Elementary School
Home of the Panthers
Our Mission
To ensure that all students
achieve their highest level
of performance in all areas
of development:
Through academic
achievement, creativity,
independent thinking, problem
solving, physical well being and
social skills, each student will
become a successful
member of society.
School Slogan
travel to classrooms at 7:45 a.m.
are considered tardy after 8:00 a.m.
parents/visitors need to have exited the building by
8:00 a.m.
parents/visitors who enter the building after 8:00
a.m. must come to the office to sign-in and receive a Visitor
Students aboard the bus between 2:45 - 3:00 p.m.
Students being picked-up will be dismissed to
parents at 3:00 p.m. in the cafeteria.
Children who are regular pick-ups will meet their
parent/guardian in the cafeteria. Students will be brought to
the cafeteria by a teacher or aide. Please do not pick your
child up in undesignated areas as this is a safety issue.
Attendance is crucial for student success in
school. Simply put, we can’t teach an empty
chair and teachers can not duplicate what
goes on during the day with worksheets sent
Your child is considered tardy if he/she signs-in to
school after 8:00 a.m. and/or signs-out before school
dismisses at 3:00 p.m.
A Tardy is cumulative and will add up to
minutes/hours toward and absence.
A Perfect Attendance trip will be rewarded at the
end of the school year for students maintaining
perfect attendance.
An Excellent Attendance activity will be planned
for students maintaining less than 5 cumulative
Students may be rewarded for Perfect Attendance
weekly, monthly, and quarterly by his/her teacher or
the principal.
In order to ensure the safety of our students and
staff, we ask that all visitors report to the office upon
If you are staying with us, you will be asked to
and receive a Visitor Pass.
Please don’t be offended if we ask for your name
or for an ID. There are lots of families in our Porter
family and not everyone knows everyone. Be patient
with us as we are only looking out for our student’s
All Volunteers must receive a Criminal
Background Check, TB Skin Test, and first be
approved by the Johnson County Board of
Please park in designated and legal parking
areas for parents/visitors.
Please do not park in front of the school in
the emergency lane/bus circle or in
undesignated parking areas. Parking illegally
is a safety hazard for our students and staff and
will be enforced.
When everyone follows these
rules it allows for a much
smoother and safer exit.
Transportation Home
Children will be transported by bus unless the office staff is
notified by a written note from a parent/guardian. The written
note is to be handed in to the principal or designee
(school secretary) upon arrival to school.
We will not accept phone calls for a change of transportation.
A fax or an e-mail by the parent/guardian is acceptable if
made by 1:00 p.m. However, we ask that you call the office
staff to confirm that they received the note since technology
sometimes does not work immediately/appropriately.
Students will not be allowed to leave with anyone who
is not on their pick-up list or if the person picking the child
up cannot provide proper photo identification.
You may pick your child up after school in the cafeteria.
Please do not attempt to pick your child up in any undesignated
area as this is a safety problem. Parents will be asked to pick
their child up in the cafeteria at 3:00PM on regular pick-up days.
Out of district students will need to be picked up by 3:00PM.
in the cafeteria.
Students attending our FRC After School program will be dismissed to
the After School teacher at 3:00PM in the cafeteria.
Safety Concerns
Use of Cell Phones: Elementary children
normally do not need to carry a cell phone to school.
Cell phones are not permitted to be used during
the instructional day.
Clothing Items: Please do not let your child
wear flip flops, loose jewelry, or clothing that is
inappropriate for the school setting. These items are
a distraction or safety hazard to the learning
environment and/or a safety hazard. Parents may be
contacted if these items are worn.
Bringing Items From Home: Students should
not bring to school toys, stuffed animals, games, or
other items that are not appropriate for the learning
environment. Normally, this becomes a problem
because other students bother or take the item(s) or
the student uses the items during class time.
Note: Teachers will let you know by a phone call, note in the
student’s planner, or a letter if they need students to bring
something from home to use for instructional purposes at
All Means All…at PES
Children are offered a variety of ways to
learn at Porter Elementary.
Breakthrough to Literacy (K-2)
Accelerated Reader/STAR (K-6)
Study Island (2-6)
Reading Eggs (K-2)
Read to Achieve Grant (K-3)
Math Achievement Fund Grant (K-3)
Curriculum Coaches - Title I (K-6)
Extended School Services Daytime Tutor
Intervention Specialist Services (K-3)
Special Education Services
Gifted and Talented Services
Computers in every classroom for
student use.
A computer lab that teachers may
utilize for their entire class.
Each classroom is equipped with a
50” Monitor.
Each class has access to the newest
21st. century technology (SmartBoard,
Student Responders, Internet, etc.).
NOTE: Our goal is to get
technology in the hands of every
Our school offers a variety of extra-curricular and cocurricular activities for students to get involved in.
Students who are involved in school activities perform better
in school. Some of the ways your child can be involved are
Football (3-6)
Boys and Girls Basketball (4-6)
Academic Team (4-6)
4-H 4-6)
Band (4-6)
Chorus (5-6)
Gifted and Talented/FPS (4-6)
Pee-Wee Cheerleading, Basketball, and Football (P-2)
Dance Team (K-3)
Cheerleaders (4-6)
*Some activities are offered through community programs or JCHS:
Soccer, JCY Baseball/Softball, Swimming, Wrestling, Cub
Scouts, Boy Scouts, Gymnastics, Buddy Ball, etc.
The school newsletter/calendar
along with a message from the
principal will be sent home at the
beginning of each month with your
 The school lunch menu will also be
sent home at the beginning of each
month with your child. Lunch menus
are subject to change.
If you need additional copies of the
newsletter/calendar or lunch menu you
may obtain these in the main office or
on our school web page.
Family Resource Center
A school nurse (Nurse Jackie) is available for
students during the school day. All student
medications must be kept in the Nurse’s Station and
given by the school nurse. If you have any questions,
please contact our school nurse in the main office.
FRC programs are offered throughout the school
year. Nurse Nancy Allison, our school’s Health
Advocate and FRC Director, Mrs. Lynn Wilcox, will
be happy to provide you with more information .
Please contact center located in the main office at
PES or call 789-3181.
An after-school day care program is provided for
students each day until 5:30p.m. in addition to our
Day Care program that is open year-round. For more
information contact the Day Care Director, Ms.
Wanda Wilson in the main office at PES.
BEE… a Healthy Child
Be Proactive
Begin With the End In Mind
Put First Things First
Think Win-Win
Seek First to Understand
Sharpen the Saw
Pride and Respect
Special Classes
Special classes are offered to all students each week.
Writing Lab
Special Classes
Some classes are offered to students based on
interest, academic performance, or need.
Physical Wellness
Physical Wellness is encouraged
through recess, class movement, and
Physical Education classes.
Students may purchase healthy snacks for
Snack Time. We encourage participation in
the healthy snack program. We discourage
sending unhealthy snacks with students
from home.
A walking program is scheduled each
week during P.E. class. Walking is
encouraged as an activity for all to enjoy.
Parent Involvement
Parent involvement is essential to school
success. There are lots of ways to be
Attend Parent Conferences that are offered at least
once every nine weeks.
Make sure your child comes to school prepared
each day and completes his/her homework.
Contact your child’s teacher when you feel
there may be a problem.
Attend your child’s functions (school plays,
ballgames, award ceremonies, etc.)
Join the PTO. Volunteer to use your talents.
Be positive about school! It is very important that
everyone in the community hears the great things
that are going on at Porter Elementary.
High Expectations
PES teachers believe that all students can learn.
PES teachers have high expectations for student
learning and lessons reflect New Core Standards.
Each teacher at PES has specific learning goals and
academic outcomes to teach in all core academic areas.
Teachers will offer small and large group instruction.
As well, teachers will provide individualized instruction
as needed to meet each child’s special needs.
Students will be regularly assessed to address
any intervention needs and/or enrichment needs
and to monitor academic progress.
Teachers and students will use technology in
the classroom.
Teachers will report student progress to parents at
least every four and a half weeks via Progress Reports
and Student Work Samples (KELP, Portfolio Pieces,
Writing Folder, etc.).
• Class rules and procedures are clearly
explained and posted in all classrooms.
• A Code of Conduct/Agenda Book that
outlines all school rules is given to
students at the beginning of the school
year or when a new student enrolls in our
• Students are expected to follow school
rules during school and at after school
• Rules are set in place for the safety and
well being of our staff and students.
PAWSitively Good Leader Program—
recognizes students who exhibit positive
Porter Elementary…
Striving for Excellence…
Every Child, Every Day,
Whatever It Takes!
Have a wonderful
school year!
Visit our School’s Web Page for more information.