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SQL Roles; what is the Market looking
for & are you ready to make a Change?
#SQLSatJohannesburg – 3rd Sept 2016
Session Overview
Three Main Topics:
˃ SQL Server Job Titles – is yours correct?
˃ Are you being paid correctly according to your Skill Level?
˃ Where is the best place to work in South Africa from a Financial & Job
Availability Perspective?
˃ And much more…..
Why Me?
˃ Have specialised in SharePoint, SQL Server, CRM & BI
Recruitment for 10 years
˃ Am currently General Manager of It’s About People, part of the
iSPartners Group
˃ Passionate about “Blinging up People’s Careers and placing
them in Challenging new Jobs”
˃ Co-founder & Host of SA’s only free Job Advice chat #JobAdviceSA, 16h00 on Mondays
Quote for DBAs
“As a Database Administrator (DBA) your skills, services,
expertise and ultimately your time will always be in demand. You
can only ever deliver on a finite amount of time, that’s just the
way it is, so it’s incredibly important that you maximize the use
of the time you have available. Herein lies the secret of
automation and it’s compounding interest that it pays to the
DBA. The more tasks, systems and processes that you can
automate, the more time you have available to Proactively
reinvest in tasks that add value to your business and to you.”
- John Sansom
Microsoft Certified Master(MCM) of SQL Server
SQL Roles as listed on Career Portals
Database Engineer
Microsoft ETL Developer
SQL Programmer
Database Systems Engineer
SQL Developer
SQL Test Engineer
• SQL Server Application
• SQL Consultant
• Senior SQL Specialist
• Oracle Developer (PL/SQL)
• SQL Report Writer
• SQL Administrator
Common SQL
Server Career
Where are your Skills most in Demand?
(Role Description contained the word SQL)
Available Jobs: 1 531
Salary Range: R15k – R100K
Available Jobs: 161
Salary Range: R10k – R45K
Western Cape
Available Jobs: 778
Salary Range: R12k – R85K
2 470
Know your Competition
Western Cape
Candidates – updated in last 12 months
(Current Skill Matrix contained the word
SQL, self-rated @ Level 3/4)
No of Applicants: 8 977
Average Years Exp: 4
Average Salary: R46K/month
No of Applicants: 1 182
Average Years Exp: 2/3
Average Salary: R21K/month
No of Applicants: 1 618
Average Years Exp: 4
Average Salary: R37k/month
11 777
Who’s in the Better Position?
2 470 Jobs
+ 11 777 Candidates
= You do the Maths!
What Character Traits make good DBAs
Excellent Attention to Detail • Calm under Pressure
A Natural Problem Solver
• Business Minded
• Professional
Manage Relationships
A good Decision Maker
What are the most popular Database Certifications?
From US based Website in 2016:
1. OCP: Oracle Certified Professional
2. ICCP CDMP: Certified Data Management
3. Microsoft SQL Server Database
4. IBM Information Management Certs
5. MongoDB NoSQL Certifications
Microsoft SQL Server Career Path
Most in demand IT Skills - ITCareerFinder
10.Big Data - Hadoop | MapReduce | NoSQL | Data Visualization
Development | Statistical Analysis
9. Networking - Wireless Network Design & Administration | WiFi | LTE |
RFID | Network Security
8. Mobile Development & Device Management - iOS App Development
Android App Development | BYOD Support | Mobile Security
7. Business Intelligence - SQL Development | IBM Cognos | Tableau |
Oracle BI | SAS BI | SAP Business Objects | Soft Skills in
Presentation, Critical Thinking and Creative Problem Solving
6. Database Administration - Oracle | Microsoft SQL Server | IBM DB2 |
MySQL | PostgreSQL
Most in demand IT Skills - ITCareerFinder
5. Web Development - Responsive Web Design | HTML | CSS |
JavaScript | PHP
4. Information Security - Wireless Network Security | Ethical Hacking | Risk
Assessment | Cloud Security
3. Technical Support - Mobile Device Management | Windows Desktop
Support | Linux Administration | Effective Communication | Time
Management | Customer Support
2. Project Management - Agile | Waterfall | Software Development
Project Mgmt. | PMP Certification
1. Programming & Application Development – C# | Java | Java EE
(Enterprise Edition) | JavaFX | .NET | C | Objective-C | UI/UX Design
Are you ready to start Looking?
• Do you fully understand you Cost to Company?
• Is your Internet Footprint Clean?
Blog Sites
• Do you know what you want
˃ Corporate vs Consulting?
• What Job Portals is your CV on?
How to make your CV stand out
Think of your CV as a Sales Tool
Make sure your CV makes an Early Impact
Be Clear & Structured – do not waffle
Tailor your CV to the Role you want
Avoid Fabrications
Make your Key Skills stand out
Proofread to ensure it is Spelling &
Error free
• Update your LinkedIn Profile at the
same time
Some common DBA Interview Questions
Are you a Problem Solver?
Do you know the Primary Responsibility of a DBA?
What do you know about Database Backups?
Why do you want to be a DBA?
Can you provide quality examples of your previous Projects?
Do you have a basic grasp of the
Relational Model?
Thank You!
Vanessa Raath
[email protected]
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