Transcript Team Black

Ed Kim
Jon Lao
Jared Sunouchi
Jianfei Liao
Group Process
 Database (DerbyDB)
 Create/Edit/Remove/Display
○ Researcher, Organization and Collaboration
 Web site (AJAX, ActionBeans, Stripes)
Future Implements
 Visual graphical representation (Prefuse)
 Export/Import to XML file
Working Style
Means of Communication
 Sinclair Library (2nd Home)
 AIM (3rd Home)
 Telepathic Skills among members
Programming Style
 XP (always, when meet up)
 Solo (when at home)
Code Quality & Assurance
Since we have a team of four and
everyone in the team looks at each
other’s code. By having this luxury, we
are assuring that the quality of the codes
are good or at least passes our own
Development Practices
Step 1: Requirements
 Step 2: Create Issues
 Step 3: Specification (Design)
 Step 4: Implementation (Beta)
 Step 5: Analyze design
 Step 6: Implementation (Final)
 Step 7: Testing
 Step 8: Repeat (if things go wrong)
The Three Prime Directives
1. The system successfully
accomplishes a useful task.
 Yes, but it doesn’t look pretty yet.
2. An external user can successfully
install and use the system.
 Not yet.
3. An external developer can
successfully understand and enhance
the system.
 Yes and No, need to update documentation.
Problems Encounter
Derby Injection Attacks (Prepared Statements)
 Embedded Derby only allows one instance
 Variables names in SQL (hyphen)
 SQL Results (can’t get row count)
 Dropdown menu with Stripe
 Tomcat crashing
 Colors in style-sheets (epic bug)
 Null fields