Transcript Vievu/DVMS

IT Infrastructure
Goals of IT:
- Make work more efficient by integrating.
- Make repetitive tasks automated.
Active Directory/ HR database that can be used as a central user database.
Motor Transport/Vehicle assignment database
Coban includes a standard import procedure to import a CSV file.
SQL data mining
DVMS uses several industry standards, one of which is MS SQL databases.
Remember that the information that you store is YOURS, ad you can manipulate
it in ways that fit your business model.
We will often add new reporting and features driven by feedback, but this
doesn’t prevent you from using the data you have to run special reports.
If you need help with our data structure
or a data dictionary, just ASK.
Using Pivot Tables
Microsoft Excel is a very powerful tool that can be used to crunch numbers and
generate statistics based on a data dump.
If you already have an office suite that include pivot table functionality (even
openoffice). You can run reports without any additional costs for specialized
Show sample pivot table
with some information?
Using SQL Reporting Services
MS SQL also includes a reporting service that can generate reports and even
publish them on the web. In addition, any DBA’s are familiar with different
utilities such as Crystal Reports, which simplify the creation of reports.
Network Authentication
RADIUS Servers, certificates, PKI
Microsoft – NPS, IAS
Cisco – ACS, WCS
Self Signed Certificates VS trusted certificates
What is right for the video system? WPA2/PSK? Network overhead?
Personnel and support overhead?
Data security/Replication and DR
What data needs to be replicated? All Video? What
information is important if the main server site is lost?
How important is the audit trail for a DR site?
Replication can be accomplished inside the system using:
1. Secondary Storage
2. NAS
3. Tape Library
4. Redundant Site
Costs VS end result, what situations are you protected in?
Do you want HA or DR? (not the same)
BYOD trend
IPhones - 64byte packets instead of 1kb packets.
Large amount of discrete traffic that puts strain on overhead. Security and
scalability issues.
Other Topics?