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MidRange Concepts
Structured Query Language
Comprehensive language for
controlling and interacting with
a database management system.
• Developed by IBM in late 70’s
• Standard language of Relational databases
SQL Functions
 Data Definition
 Data Retrieval
 Data Manipulation
 Access Control
 Data Sharing
 Data Integrity
Features & Benefits
 Vendor Independence
 Portable across computer systems
 IBM endorsement
 English like structure to statements
 Interactive “ad-hoc” queries
 Complete Database language
 Dynamic Data Definition
SQL Statement
 Nonpositional Language
 Command Driven
 Commands are entered at command line
Basic Inquiry SQL Commands
 Select: List column or field names
 From: Name of file
 Where: (optional) Conditions on record
 Order by: (optional) Specify sort order
 Group by: (optional) Break option
 STRSQL: Will provide you with a command
line screen that you can enter an SQL
 F4: Will prompt you for information