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* He was born on April 15th 1858, in the town of Epinal, France.
* He was the first French academic sociologists and is considered by many to
be the father of Sociology.
* He became interested in a scientific approach to society very early on in his
* He graduated with a degree in Philosophy, in 1882.
* In 1882-1887, he taught Philosophy at several provincial schools and also
studied sociology for 2 years.
* Other publishing 3 major works, he achieved his goal of attaining a
prominent position in Paris.
* In 1912, he published his last major work, The Elementary Forms of the
Religious Life, a Book that Analyzes Religion as a Social Phenomena.
* He died on November 15th 1917 at the age of 59.
* He went to the schools: “Lycee Louis le-Grand” “University Of
Leipzig” “Ecole Normale Superierure”:
* He skipped 2 years of college.
* He wanted to become a teacher.
* He went to the college at Epinal and left for Paris to prepare for
admission to the prestigious Ecole Normale Superieure.
* He failed his first 2 attempts to get into Ecole (1877-1878)
* Hw was finally admitted into Ecole 1879.
* He began teaching Philosophy in 1882.
*He was greatly influenced by philosopher Auguste
Comte and believed that ethical and moral structures
were endangered by technology and mechanization.
*Became interested in a scientific approach to society
early in his career.
*He found humanistic studies boring, so he switched his
focus from psychology and philosophy to ethics and
* 1st sociologist to systematically apply the methods of Science to the study
of society.
* He believed that shared beliefs and values were the glue that held society
* Responsible for getting sociology recognized as a separate discipline.
* He was interested in studying how social forces shape individual behavior.
* Collective mind of society was the source of religion and morality.
* Studied suicide to show the loss of morale that accompanies decline in
social identity.
* He wrote a book about how suicide has to do with sociology.
* Wrote many books about sociology and social life.
* He wrote The Division of Labor, The Rules of Sociological method,
Suicide and The Elementary Forms of Religious Life.
* He showed that social factors exert a fundamental influence on
suicidal behavior.
* He was an influential figure in western sociology and philosophy.
* Identified 2 types of groups: 1)Mechanical- individuals are very alike
(dependent) 2) Organic- Individuals are very different (independent)
* Founder of the Functional Theory which interprets each part of
society by how it contributes to society as a whole.
* He defined Anomie as a lack of clear social norms.
* He was of Jewish parentage, and some of his forebears were
* He was agnostic.
* Founder of "Annee Sociologique," the first Social Science
Journal in France.
* Spent his early years in a rabbinical school.
* Founder of the first European University department of