Remarkable Communication Training

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Transcript Remarkable Communication Training

Presented To:
Corporate Coworkers
Presented by:
Leila Malekzadeh,
Marketing Writer
• Roth Promise: We love to create remarkable
experiences. . .every person, every time.
• Being remarkable starts with us!
• Sometimes is take a little time to be remarkable,
but it’s worth it!
Making Our Communication More
• Clear & Concise
• Ask, Answer, Anticipate Questions
• Active v Passive voice
• “When You Know, Teach”
When To Pick Up the Phone
• Knowing When It’s Time
• Tips for Handling Frustration
• Response Time Parameters
Email Communication
• The Anatomy of an Email
• Personalization
• Best Practices
• Follow Up
Phone Communication
• Best Practices
• Positive Expressions – Using the Roth Language
• Follow Up
• Undivided Attention
Diffusing A Situation
• Remember our Third Value
• Define What is Helpful
• Lead By Example
• Customize Your Solution
Four Defining Moments of Customer
• GREET everyone with respect and warmth.
• ANTICIPATE and discover needs through caring,
attentive communication.
• DELIVER remarkable service by fulfilling all promises
• CREATE a lasting impression by extending a sincere
thank you.
Five Points to Take With You
• We Set the Tone
• Remarkable Communication is a reflection on
you and our organization
• Responsiveness is the easiest way to create a
remarkable experience
• Your communication style is an indication of your
Customer Service philosophy
• Sometimes it takes little more time to be
remarkable, but IT’S WORTH IT.
Thank You!
• Questions
• Homework Assignment