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Employee Owners Traveling on
Oceanic Transportation 101
History of R J Martin
• Robert Martin Jr. founded the company in
• He started the business in his garage, with
one employee
Today, R J Martin:
• Employs over 150
• Is recognized as one
of the largest nonunion electrical
contractors of
Northeast Ohio
• Has jobsites
throughout Northeast
Ohio and throughout
the nation
Industrial and Institutional
History of the ESOP
• ESOP begun in 2002
• Employees will own 49%
• Currently they own 11% of the 49%
ESOP Communication Committee
• Consists of six employee owners
• Serve approximately two years
• Composed of both field and office employees
• Selection of committee members is through
advertisements in newsletter and postings at
events and on jobsites
Committee Mission
• Improve two-way communication between
field and office
Committee Mission (Cont.)
• Inform all employees at every level about
the ESOP, the structure of the company,
the personal benefits of the ESOP, and the
impact employees have on the value of
the stock
Committee Mission (Cont.)
• The ESOP Committee will do this so the
company can continue to be profitable
Monthly Publication
• “Livewire”
• Created strictly as MS Word Document
• Published most months
• Distributed in paychecks and email
Communication Boards
• Standard cork board
• Located on jobsites
• Ask foreman to help in posting
newsletters, event memos, and policy
letter changes
Recap events through collages
That is all the Committee
They organized events…
Her ideas:
• Invite employee owners to attend monthly
committee meeting to see what they are
• Get committee member to visit jobsites
• Start an ESOP library
• Create an ESOP Hotline
More of her ideas:
• Steal other companies ideas
• Bring in other area ESOP companies to
speak at your events
• At every company social event spend 10
minutes discussing ESOP 101
Personal Motivation
Doesn’t Cost Anything