Midterm Report

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Midterm Report
Backgroud Information
gender: male
 Age: 26-30
 Highest degree: University / Department of
 Current company:… Travel Agency
 Location: South District of Tainan City
 Job title: Sales Assistant
 Job duties: contact and consult the related
 Years of working: 3
Q1: Do you need to use English to
communicate at work? How important is it
for you to use English to communicate?
A:Not quite a lot when facing majority of
Taiwanese customers. However, English is
very important especially when facing foreign
Q2:With what media and on what occasion
do you use English to commutate? What are
the purposes of the communication?
A: Face to face! Not only can we avoid the
misunderstanding on meanings of characters
but also much more sense of reality.
Q3:What cross-cultural communication
problems do you have? What strategies and
resources do you use to solve the problems?
A:I am afraid of language misunderstandings
on communication. I would grasp any free
time hours to read books related to English.
Q4:How do you think about the problem
solving experience? How important is it for
A:If I really got into problems that I’ve never
ever encountered, I would ask questions to
some experiential colleagues. After all, they
know how to deal with occasional problems
tactically ; on the other hand, I can also learn
from the process.
Q5:How do you improve your
language and cultural competence?
A:Read English books and memorize
vocabularies as much as possible. Though I
would feel nervous speaking English at first,
but after few times of experiences, it could
become like piece of cake.
Q6:What help do you think the government,
the society or the company should provide to
help workers improve their English
A:Travel agencies are popular occupations
nowadays and a lots of people want to get
licenses and pass the examinations of tour
guides as well. Hopefully the government can
provide much more professional courses and
aids for leading group of teams.
Q7:What suggestion do you have for
school English education?
A:Schools can provide courses such as
applied English for tourist and guide. It
might probably be very helpful for both
students who have interests on it and the
occupation of Tourism.
-The End-