Lesson2.Understanding Social Thinking

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Sharing Our Acceptance and Respect
Social Thinking
What is Social Thinking?
Social Thinking is the ability to share space with others by
following the unwritten social rules of the environment
 Perspective Taking
 Communication
We“think socially” every moment we share space
with others, even in the absence of social interaction.
4 Steps of Perspective Taking
 I have a thought about you.
 I try to determine why you
are near me and what you
may want from me
 You have a thought about
 You try to determine why I
am near you and what I
may want from you.
 I wonder what you are
thinking about me.
 You wonder what I am
thinking about you.
 I monitor and may modify
my behavior to keep you
thinking about me I want
you to think about me.
 You monitor and modify
your behavior to keep me
thinking about you the way
you want me to think
about you.
4 Steps of Communication
 Think about others.
 Establish a physical presence.
 Use your eyes to think about others.
 Use language to relate to others.
What’s The Big Deal?
 Students who pay attention to others make
others feel good, and want to be with them.
 Students must think about what others are
 Students must learn to observe other people’s
behaviors and form judgements about them.
 Students must realize that others are also
thinking about them.
 Student must learn that social thinking is done
in all environments (home, school and
Expected and Unexpected Behaviors: