Egyptian Pharohs

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Egyptian Pharohs
By Mahek
Grandfather Ahmose 1 defeated Hycose, who occupied Low Egypt during the 2nd intermediate period.
She decended from strong women.
Her father Thutmose 1 married Nefertiti and had many kids including Hatshepsut and Thutmose 11
Thutmose 11 married her.
They had a boy named Thutmose 111.
After Thutmose 11 died, she proclaimed herself Pharoh and sent Thutmose 111 to join the army.
Hatshepsut dressed like a king by wearing a false beard.
She referred to herself as the female falcon.
With her as Pharoh the economy flourished.
She built a mortuary temple in Deir el Babri.
Eventually Thutmose 111 took rightful place on the throne. 20 years after Hatshepsut's death, he had her
name removed from nearly every monument. However, some of the best preserved obelisks today have
King Tutankhamen
Tutankhamen was the seventh child of Akhenaten 111 and Queen Tiye
His father, Pharaoh Akhenaten, abandoned many traditional gods.
When his father died, Tutankhamen's sister Smenkhkare becomes Pharaoh, but
Ay, father of Nefertiti, takes charge.
Over time, the traditional Egyptian gods are worshipped again.
At the age of 9, "Tut" becomes Pharaoh of Egypt and marries his half-sister
After King Tyt's death, Ay becomes Pharaoh.
King Tut's sarcophagus cracks, and is taken off the mummified body for repairs.
Nefertiti was the great royal wife to Akhenaten, and was renowned for her
She was the daughter of the official Ay, who became Pharaoh after
Tutankhamen's death.
Nefertiti was part of the religious revolution in which they thought only the
God Aten was good enough to be worshipped.
She changed her name to Neferneferuaten-Nefertiti, meaning beautiful
are the beauties of Aten, a beautiful woman has come.
Nefertiti ruled with her husband, who went to great lengths to show that
she was an equal counterpart.
Nefertiti died in 1331 BC.
Amenhotep IV
He made new religion so that people only worshipped Aten the sun god.
Married Nefertiti
He was only shown on memorials as a sun disk.
His name meant servant of Aten.
He built a city where he began to live.
Soon the economy crumbled.
When he died, Smenkhkare took over but kept the religion of Aten.
His city was destroyed.
When king tut became Pharoh he changed the religion back to the original one.
The Aten religion is still not completely understood today.
It was not until the Christian Era only one God was worshipped.
At eighteen, Cleopatra became Egypt's queen. According to law, she had to rule with her
brother Ptolemy XII who became her husband, but she didn't want to.
When Cleopatra was twenty, Ptolemy's advisors drove her out Egypt.
She raised an army to fight her brother, but before the civil war started, Julius Caesar of
Rome moved into the palace and tried to make peace.
Cleopatra and Caesar fell in love and married. Together, they went to war with Ptolemy.
Ptolemy was defeated and Cleopatra became queen along with Ptolemy XIV.
Cleopatra went to Rome with Caesar and her newborn son.
Caesar was to make himself king, and so the people of Rome assassinated him.
Cleopatra fled to Egypt, where she married Mark Antony.
Octavian went to war with Antony and took Cleopatra captive.
Antony committed suicide and soon after Cleopatra poisoned herself at age thirty-nine.
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