27-1 - RedLionWorldHistory

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Transcript 27-1 - RedLionWorldHistory

Cold War
1. How did Stalin and the capitalist
west regard each other after WWII
They were fearful of each
2. What did the U.S. and Great Britain
believe should happen with the
liberated nations of Eastern Europe
They believed they should
freely determine their own
3. After freeing Eastern Europe from
the Nazis, what course of action did
the Soviet army follow?
The Soviet army stayed in
the conquered areas
4. What was the Truman Doctrine
The United States would
provide money to countries
threatened by Communist
5. Describe the program known as the
Marshall Plan
A program designed to
rebuild the prosperity and
stability of war-torn Europe
6. What two events in 1949 caused
great fear in the United States
Chinese communists took
control of China
The soviet Union exploded
an atomic bomb
7. What did the member nations of
NATO agree to do?
To provide mutual help if
any of them was attacked
8. How did the Korean War begin in
The communist government
of North Korea attempted to
take over South Korea
9. What organization was formed to
stem Soviet aggresion in the East?
SEATO- The Southeast Asia
Treaty Organization
10. How did Nikita Khrushchev seek to
stop the flow of refugees out of East
Germany to West Berlin?
The East German
government built the Berlin
11. Name the event in 1962 that
brought the world close to nuclear war.
The Cuban Missile Crisis
12. What was the “domino theory?”
If communists succeeded in
South Vietnam, other
countries in Asia would fall