Question 1: The Warsaw Pact was a response by the Soviet

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Transcript Question 1: The Warsaw Pact was a response by the Soviet

Question 1: The Warsaw Pact was a
response by the Soviet Union to this
Question 2: NATO stands for:
Question 3: The invisible line in
Europe that separated the
Democratic countries from the
Communist ones was called:
Question 4: After the creation of the
atomic bomb, there was a race
between the US and USSR to create
Question 5: Who commanded
the US forces in Korea?
Question 6: Why did Truman fire
Question 7: The Korean War
ended in this:
Question 8: The Soviets responded
to the suggestion to “reunify”
Germany by doing this:
Question 9: Which country
supported the South Koreans?
Question 10: The government
offered to help veterans returning
from WWII in the passage of this
Question 11: The group of people
that rejected the new American
dream and new way of life were
Question 12: Where did Chiang Kai
Shek flee to after the communists
took over in China?
Question 13: Who was the leader
of the communist party in China?
Question 14: What was the name of
the policy the United States had
when it came to preventing
Question 15: What was the name of
the republican senator who claimed
to know communists working in our
Question 16: What was Sputnik?
Question 17: Countries dominated
by the Soviet Union but permitted to
run their own country
Question 18: This plan provided
money to European countries in
order to prevent communism
Question 19: The line that
divided North and South Korea
Question 20: This doctrine declared
it was the policy of the United States
to support free countries attempting
to prevent communism
Question 21: The first couple
sentenced to death by the United
States for espionage
Question 22: What does it mean
to be “blacklisted”
Question 23: This political party was
formed by southern democrats that
didn’t like Truman
Question 24: Why didn’t the
Dixiecrats like Truman?
Question 25: The name of the
generation of kids directly following
WWII was:
Question 26: Chain restaurants like
McDonalds are also known as these:
Question 27: Dr. Jonas Salk found
the cure for this disease:
Question 28: The buying of material
goods because of an increase in
money is known as this: Mr. Butler
has also referred to it as the
downfall of society
Question 29: What is meant by the
term “planned obsolescence”?
Question 30: The government
committee that is in charge of
monitoring what is permitted and
not permitted to go into the media
is known as the: (3 letters)