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Catlyn Colson
Recap of Previously Completed Work
Previously I had done the following:
Built the Database, started
basic layout of the webpage,
connected the webpage to the
 I have added new
features to the
 Customer Wish List
Currently in Progress
Completing the GUI for the
employee login. The
employee will need the ability
to edit items, and also will
need to view customers and
their wish list. Reports for
popular items will be needed
and useful.
In progress
•Created a wish list login page for
the customer
• Created an accessories page with a
demo product.
Current tasks
I need to finish connecting my
webpage and my windows
application to the database to make
them fully functional.
I need to correctly display items for
purchase on the web so that updates
on pricing or description can be
made on the database and webpage
at the same time (more dynamic)
Resources Used
 Microsoft Windows 2003
I also need to add paypal plug in to
the item to allow credit card or
paypal purchases.
Microsoft SQL Server 2008
Microsoft .Net Framework
2.0 (VB.Net)
ASP.Net 2.0 (VB.Net)
Microsoft SQL
Management Studio 2008
Internet Information
Services 6.0
Adobe Dreamweaver CS4
End Notes
I chose to use VB.Net because it is a
native coding platform for Windows
and Windows web servers. The
setup will be easier than other
languages like PHP, allowing me to
get more completed in this project
by the due date.
I chose to use aspx over html
because aspx will allow me to create
a server based page versus just a
webpage. It will allow me to
integrate all objects in this project
Design and empliment database for Items April 17,2010
Research Dreamweaver and build a testpage April 20,
Research PayPal Button and put into testpage April 24,
Input a few items into database for testing purposes,
Test purchasing from website. Also start collecting all
artwork for business and products being sold May 2,
Create front end GUI for Database May 5, 2010
Create actual webpage with proper layout and company
images May 8, 2010
Check legal wording, release of liability etc May 8, 2010
Move working page to GoDaddy Server May 10, 2010
Start Inputting items into database June 2, 2010
Will be researching entire time for project
documentation June 2, 2010
I have stopped working on the final
product of the webpage so I have not
uploaded it to the host account yet,
testing on local server only. I am still
working on the GUI. I have added new
elements to the project so the original
timeline has changed.
I expect to have the basic webpage,
windows application finished by this
week and I will also be doing the
connections to the database to make
them functional.
After that I will do all the finishing
touches making sure everything looks
visually correct.