Transcript Ling

Community Information Service
-- CS598CXZ IR Application Panels
Xu Ling
April. 26, 2005
Existing Solutions
 Examples:
DBLP for database community
MEDLINE for biomedicine community
 Simple Web search/query services are not
enough !!!
What’s More DBLP Can Have?
 Seeing a new paper from SIGMOD 2005:
RankSQL: Query Algebra and Optimization for Relational Topk Queries
We might want to know
What’s the related topics?
Who else are working on the similar topic?
What’s the evolution trend of this topic?
 Conference committee chair wants to know
the coauthor relationships to assign reviewers
for a submitted paper.
 A DB beginner wants to have a big picture a
special topic.
 People outside the community might be
interested in the research themes of a group,
e.g., UIUC’s DIAS, and its trend.
What’s More MEDLINE Can
 Regulation network
 Protein-protein interaction network
 Gene summary
 Gene/protein function annotation
All About IR ?!
 Common characteristics
Information sources: literature
Vast amount of data
Complicated relationship hidden inside and
between them
Potential huge impact on real life
Where to Spend the $10M ?
IR, of course!