ACCESS Chapter 4 Tables and Queries

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Transcript ACCESS Chapter 4 Tables and Queries

Introduction to ACCESS
Learning Objectives:
 Understand ACCESS icons.
 Use ACCESS objects, including tables, queries,
forms, and reports.
 Open and display tables.
 Retrieve information with queries.
 Create and use forms to display and modify
table contents
 Design and use reports.
Tables: All database information is stored in tables
comprised of rows (attributes) and columns
Queries: A question you ask about one or more
tables in your database
Forms: A simple way to enter, change, or display
Reports: A convenient way to consolidate and
group information that is stored in a database for
publication or reporting purposes.
Introduction to ACCESS
TASK 1. open and change a table display
Exercise 2.4: opening a table
Exercise 2.5: searching a row containing a particular value
Exercise 2.6: changing a table’s display characteristics
Exercise 2.7: sorting a table
Complete Exercise 1 on page 103 and print the sorted table.
TASK 2. query a database
Exercise 2.8: running a query
Exercise 2.9: creating a one-table query
Exercise 2.10: writing selection criteria using an “AND” operating
Exercise 2.11: forming an “OR” query
Complete Exercise 2 on pages 103. Print the resulting dynasets.
Complete Problem 1 on page 104. Print the resulting dynasets.
TASK 3. use forms
Exercise 2.12: opening and using a form
Exercise 2.13: editing data with a form
Exercise 2.14: filtering data through a form
Complete Problem 2 on page 104. Print the FIRST TWO PAGES of the form.
TASK 4. design reports
Exercise 2.15: loading and reviewing a report
Exercise 2.16: creating a report quickly
Exercise 2.17: saving a report
Complete Problem 3 on page 104 and print the FIRST TWO PAGES of the report.