The Directory and the Rise of Napoleon

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Transcript The Directory and the Rise of Napoleon

The Directory and the Rise of
Bell Ringer: Why do they call it the “Reign of Terror”?
Brief Notes: Directory, Rise of Napoleon
Group Image Interpretation: Napoleon the ruler.
Grading Napoleon, his report card.
Map Activity, expansion of France
Discussion: Did the times create Napoleon, or
Napoleon create the times?
• Quick Quiz next class, French Revolution and Reign of
The Directory
• After Robespierre,
moderates took over.
• Power was with the
upper-middle class,
executive group of five
• Napoleon is the general
of France’s army.
Napoleon takes power
• Begins career fighting the
Royal rebels attempted to
attack National Convention,
• Leads a coup d’Etat against the
Directory, who lost control of
the chaotic situation in
• He controlled the army, so he
drives out the Directory, and
becomes First Consul.
• People held a plebiscite to
vote for new Constitution.
– Napoleon chosen for his strong
Napoleonic Code, Emperor
He allowed reform, but promoted
order and stability similar to a
Set up tax collections, and a
national banking system.
Reduced government corruption
– Removing corrupt officials.
– Setting up “lycees” to educate
students so they could work for
The Church was no longer part of
the State.
Napoleonic Code: uniform set of
laws that limited social freedom
and the rights of Citizens.
The French Empire: Napoleon Style
• 1804, Napoleon is
crowned as Emperor.
– Scandal!!! He crowns
– That’s the Pope’s Job.
• He wants to expand the
French Empire.
– Sells Louisiana to the
United States, (1803)
– Needs the money, and it
makes Britain look bad.
Conquering Europe
• French forces are
unstoppable against Britain,
Austria, and Russia.
• Central Europe would sign
peace treaties with
• Attempts to take Britain
– Battle of TrafalgarFrench/Spanish Navy is
defeated by smaller British
• French Empire would reach
height in 1812.
Group Image Analysis
• As a group, you will be
given a propaganda
image to analyze and
describe to the class.
1. What is the image
depicting? Is it a
positive or negative
2. Does it seem realistic?
3. How does the image
show Napoleon?