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• WW-4 due Monday.
• Propaganda Poster Extra Credit Activity
due Monday.
Do Now
• What were some of the factors between
1915-1917 that pushed the United States
into declaring war on Germany and
entering World War I?
Aim #5: How did World War I
become a “total war?”
Do Now: What made World War I a “total war”?
Why did the European powers feel they had to
wage a “total war” in order to win?
I. Total War
A. World War I was a Total War (when you
devote all of a nation’s resources to the war
effort) because the nations of Europe
realized that a total commitment from their
whole society would be needed to win.
II. Characteristics of Total War
1. Conscription: “The Draft.” All young men
had to be ready for military service.
II. Characteristics of Total War
2. Planned Economies: European
governments took complete control of all
economic decision making during the war.
Examples: Governments controlled the
prices of goods, rationed food and other
products (such as gasoline, butter and
boots) and forbid worker strikes.
II. Characteristics of Total War
3. New Responsibilities For Women: As
millions of men left to fight, women begin
contributing to the war effort:
III. Total War Led the Nations of
Europe to use Propaganda
Question: What words or images
come into your head when you
hear the term “propaganda?”
III. Total War Led the Nations of
Europe to use Propaganda
A. Propaganda: Biased or one-sided
communication designed to influence people’s
thoughts and actions
B. World War I marked the first time in history that
governments organized propaganda
campaigns to “sell” the concept of war to their
Read over your Propaganda
packet and answer the following
1. What were some of the goals of these
propaganda posters (discuss at least
three)? How are they trying to influence
the way that people think and feel?
2. Which of these posters did you find to be
the most persuasive? Why?
Concluding Question
• Are propaganda campaigns that sell war
to large populations morally justified? Why
or why not?