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Use of Propaganda in World War I
Seventh Grade Quarter 3 Project
What is Propaganda?
You should recall this from your vocab and the
worksheet from the weekend.
Information designed to influence ones opinion or
persuade someone to do something.
Both the Central (Germany, Austria-Hungary,
etc.) and the Allied Powers (United Kingdom,
United States, etc) used this during the war.
The Allies were usually more effective.
Discuss Worksheet
What was the purpose of the leaflets you read
excerpts from?
What was the argument the American leaflet was
trying to use?
Why did you think the American flyer was sent
from “Americans of German decent”?
Types of Propaganda
Propaganda came in many different forms:
Several Themes
Propaganda was primarily designed to appeal to
readers or listeners emotions to get them
involved or to do something.
It would usually focus on the following themes:
Recruiting men to join the war effort.
 Encourage people to ration or conserve food, electricity.
 Seeking funds from the public for the war effort.
 Encourage support for the war, or promote distrust of
the “enemy”.
Who Used It?
Some countries used it more than others, below
is a list of the countries that utilized it more
than others:
United Kingdom (Great Britain)
 United States – More than any other country
 Germany
 Italy
 Russia
 France
Identifying Theme, Purpose and
Before we go over your project you need to be able to
learn how to recognize these things in propaganda, so
that when you create your own you know what to add
We will look at several pieces of propaganda, and in your
basegroups you will need to look at every aspect of the
poster to see if you can determine the following:
Its Theme
Who made it (country)
Who is the target audience
Symbols used that help you come to your conclusion.
Who is the target
Which country created
What is the theme of the
What symbols help you
answer these questions?
Poster #1
Poster #2
Poster #3
Your Assignment
Your project is to create your own propaganda
It is due next Tuesday and you will have tomorrow
in class to select a theme, country producing the
poster, and sketch out a rough draft.
The rest of the work must be completed outside of class.
This is worth 100 points.
 You will be graded on five different criteria…
Grading Criteria – 1 & 2
Worth a possible 20 points each.
Required Elements
Used poster board – regular size
 Color was used throughout poster.
 Entire poster board was used.
Own ideas used (did not copy another poster)
 Creative slogans or use of symbols
Grading Criteria – 3, 4 & 5
Adherence to Theme
Poster represents theme chosen
 Symbols, pictures, and slogans reflect theme chosen
Poster is very neat and represents a great deal of
effort put into it.
Use of Class Time
Focused on creating rough draft, and was not
distracting others on day in class to work on this.