The Hunger Games: The Geography of Panem

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Bell Ringer
• The Hunger Games are designed to inspire,
intimidate, reward, and punish all at the same time.
• Which of the above do you think the Games are most
affective at doing?
• What do you think the most important
personal quality a person would need to win
the Hunger Games?
The Hunger Games:
The Geography of
• A technologically advanced,
utopian city where the
nation's most wealthy and
powerful reside.
• The Hunger Games are
organized and celebrated in it.
• President Snow (Dictator)
• Holds total political and
economic dominance over
• Enforces rule through an
army of Peacekeepers, capital
punishment, propaganda, and
the Hunger Games.
• Only major city mentioned
• Known for its fashion and
• One of the wealthiest districts
• Its primary industry is
manufacturing luxury items for
the Capitol and as a result has
a generally favorable
relationship with it
• Careers
• Jobs
Hair Stylist
District 1
District 2
• One of the wealthiest districts.
• It's where most Peacekeepers
are trained and weapons are
• Originally specialized only in
mining and stone cutting
• Careers
• Jobs
Concrete Finisher
Brick mason
• Main industry is technology.
• They specialize in televisions
and computers.
• Suggested to be one of the
most rebellious districts
• Jobs
– Technical support
– Assembly operator
– Engineer
– Tester
– Technician
– Electronic installation
District 3
District 4
• One of the Wealthiest
• Suggested to be one of the
most rebellious districts
• Its industry is fishing, which
is useful for tributes as they
have experience with nets
/tridents, making fishhooks,
swimming, and identifying
edible sea life
• Careers
• Jobs
– Anything Fishing or Sea
• Main industry is power and
• Jobs
– Power plant security officer
– Geologist
– Equipment manager
– System analyst
– Maintenance
District 5
District 6
• This district's principal
industry is transportation
• Most victors from this
district take this drug to
forget what they
experienced in their Games
• Jobs
– Porter
– Router
– Mechanic
– Conductor
– Baggage Handler
• One of the poorest Districts
• provides lumber for
the Capitol
• Its people are known to be
good with axes
• Jobs
– Lumberjack
– Load Puller
– Lead Climber
– Furniture Builder
– Carpenter
– Papermaker
District 7
District 8
• One of the Poorest Districts
• Main industry is making
textiles and clothing
• “urban place stinking of
industrial fumes with no
greenery, the people housed
in run down tenements”
• Jobs
– Factory worker
– Weaver
– Dress maker
– Designer
– Warehouse manager
– Teacher
• Responsible for grain
• Jobs
– Cropper
– Farmer
– Plower
– Sower
– Harvester
District 9
District 10
• One of the Poorer Districts
• Since they are in charge of
livestock, it can be assumed
that the majority of District
10 is farmland.
• Jobs
– Butcher
– Milker
– Rancher
– Barn Manager
– Breeder
– Farmer
– Brander (cows)
• One of the Poorer Districts
• Their industry is agriculture;
orchards, wheat, and cotton
surround the district.
• Almost everything they grow
goes to the Capitol, despite
their starvation; if caught
eating any of the crops, they
are to be whipped
• Jobs
District 11
District 12
• One of the Poorest Districts
• Located in the Appalachia
and with a population of
around 8,000 or more
• Main industry is coal mining
• Jobs
– Coal miner
– Geologist
– Blaster
– Surveyor
– Metallurgist
– Hob Merchant
Home Work
• Take a blank map of the USA/North America.
• Label where you think the districts would go
based on the information from the slides, the
movie, and the books (if you read them)