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MBA – I Year
Paper : Business Environment
Dr. A.Sathish Babu, M.Com., MBA, M.Phil., Ph.D.
Associate Professor,
PG Department of Commerce and
Management Studies
VRS & YRN College
Nature is around us with its sublime beauty
and splendorous joy.
It never deceives us. The rocks, the
mountains, the streams always speak the
same language.
Natural environment
• A shower of snow may hide the verdant woods
in spring. Nature’s fruits are balmy and sweet.
• A thunderstorm may render the blue limpid and
make the rivers turbulent.
• Man and Nature have a deep symbiotic Link.
• The planet of ours is the Earth mother Bhawani
Vasundhara in the Hindu tradition, GAIA in the
Greek. The seers of Vedas composed the
famous Bhumi Suktam. From its 63 verses we
can derive deep inspiration.
Man and Environment
• Climate, minerals, soil, Landform, rivers and oceans,
coast Lines, Natural resource and flora and fauna which
have considerable influence on the functioning of a
• Man is able to create artificial climate.
• Uneven land reforms, rivers and oceans,
• Forests and deserts have not restrained from laying
roads, and constructing factories.
• Schumacher's famous dictum Small is Beautiful
• Seems to have no effect on today’s man.
• Mountains, deserts, forests, oceans, and distances are
notbarriers to reach any part of the Globe.
Impact on Business
• Manufacturing which is one of the aspects of Business,
depends on physical environment for inputs.
• Modern mans activities are directly or indirectly guided
by his natural or physical environment.
• Economic prosperity of a Nation and the
• Well being of its people depend on the type and extent of
mineral wealth .
• The natural environment is particularly important to man
in two respects.1. It is store house of certain source
materials that will be consumed by him ultimately and 2.
it provides certain physical and biological conditions
within which man’s production, exchange, consumption
and happiness occur.
Impact on Business
• Every commodity that man has produced and
consumed existed originally in the Natural
environment. All the energy used in production
and distribution comes from Nature.
• Being the origin of needed materials, the natural
environment provides certain physical and
biological conditions with in which man lives and
• The physical environment of each Nation
determines its stage of progress in the field of
Natural Environment impact
• Natural environment exerts a profound influence
on man and his economic activities. The
expression “Natural Justice or public interest” is
derived from Natural environment.
• Man’s technological progress during the 150
years has been so great, his insight into nature
so deep and his ingenuity has finally given him
the whip hand that the natural environment is
secondary importance.
Environmental impact
• Despite tremendous advancement in science and
technology, today's man is not able to control floods,
droughts, earthquakes, storms, heat and cold waves,
volcanoes and of rapidly silting reservoirs.
• Similarly, man has no answers to such paradoxes as the
existence of beauty with ugliness and poverty with
• Modern man is not able to explain why we are not able
to produce every thing every where at the same cost,
grow every crop every where with ease and fish or mine
in any place of his choice.
• Thus modern man has to discern a lot from mother