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T.C.H.S. by the Numbers
• 24 credits to graduate
• 7 periods in the day
• 28+ total credits
possible in 4 years
• 5 minutes passing time
• 25 minutes for lunch
• 49/50 minute classes
• 2 per locker for
• School begins @ 8:25
• School ends @ 3:00
• 1 counselor, 1 assistant
principal, 1 principal, 1
nurse, 1 attendance
clerk, 1 school secretary
• 27 adults instructing
students each period
• Current enrollment –
• Are earned when you pass a course.
• Year long courses are worth 1 credit; semester
courses are worth ½ credit.
• If you don’t earn enough credits you will not
be promoted to the next grade. If you do not
earn the required 24 credits in 4 years, you
will not graduate on time with your class.
Credits for Promotion
• 6 credits earned = promoted to10th grade
• 12 credits earned = promoted to11th grade
• 18 credits earned = promoted to 12th grade
• 24 credits earned = student will graduate on time with the
class in cap and gown
• Students are NOT promoted based upon age, special needs, etc.
Passing classes and earning credits are the only ways to be promoted
and graduate with a diploma.
• Online courses, at the student expense, can be used for this purpose.
• Students must be on “grade level” to compete in athletics and must
pass 6 of their 7 classes EACH week of the athletic season.
Credits needed for graduation:
• English I (CP or Honors)
• English II (CP or Honors)
• English III (CP or Honors)
• English IV (CP, Honors, AP)
MATH (3):
• Algebra I (CP or Honors)
• Geometry (CP or Honors)
• Algebra II (CP or Honors)
• Other math elective: Senior
Transitions Math, Pre-Calculus, or
A.P. Calculus
SCHOOL! Even if taking Algebra I in 8th grade.
• Integrated Earth/Space Science (CP
or Honors)
• Biology (CP or Honors)
• Physical Science
• A student may choose to take
Chemistry AND Physics in place of
Physical Science.
• World History (CP Honors)
• Integrated Social Studies (CP or
• U.S. History (CP, Honors, or A.P.)
Credits for graduation, cont.
• Arts/Humanities
Elective (1)
• Health & P.E. (1)
• Electives (13)
• 24 credits
required for
Should I choose a College Prep
or an Honors class?
• Honors course:
– for those students who want to be challenged and are anticipating going to
a four-year college
– for academically gifted students who can learn material at a faster pace
than those in a regular course
– are more difficult and will improve your weighted class grade point
average because these courses are “weighted”
• College Prep course:
– has the same content of the Honors class but moves at a more manageable
– will prepare students for both college and career opportunities
A typical
grade schedule…
• Grade 9:
English I: CP or Honors
World History: CP or Honors
Integrated Earth/Space Science: CP or Honors
Math Course: Algebra I CP or Honors (or Geometry Honors if you took
Algebra I at TCMS)
– Algebra I Math Lab (mandatory for students who take Algebra I at TCHS
next year)
– Health/PE
– Elective #1
– (Stagecraft/Theatre, Concert Band, Jazz Band, Music Theory, Art,
Language Lab, Computer Applications, Principles of Agriculture,
Technology Concepts).
So…what if I am in the band?
• STAY IN THE BAND!! The opportunities for
marching band, pep band, jazz band, pep rallies,
parades, tournament games, concerts, and
festivals, etc. are too fun to give up on or miss out!
• Your schedule will look something like this:
English I
World History
Integrated Earth/Space Science
Algebra I (or Geometry if you had Algebra I at TCMS)
Algebra I Math Lab
Elective of your choice (BAND)
Can I “double up” on math?
• YES!
• It is possible to take both Geometry and Algebra II in
the freshman year but only with teacher approval
and appropriate placement scores.
• Your elective classes may be impacted though so be
prepared for alternatives.
• Remember, this will have you in Pre Calculus as a
sophomore, A.P. Calculus as a junior, and you will still
be required to take a math class your senior year.
This may be an online course.
Grade Point Average
• Is determined by the courses you take and
the grades you make in those courses.
• The more difficult the class and the better
the grade…the higher the grade point
average, both weighted (can be above a 4.0)
and unweighted (max of a 4.0).
• Grade point average will be reported on
scholarships and college admissions
applications in the future. It will be on your
permanent transcript in the guidance office.
Grade Point Average Example
Honors Courses:
•English I Honors: A = 5
•Algebra I Honors: A = 5
•Integrated Science Hon.: A = 5
•Integrated Soc. St. Hon.: A = 5
•PE/Health: A = 4
•Band: A = 4
•Rosetta Stone: A = 4
•G.P.A. = 32/7 = 4.57
C.P. Courses:
•English I CP: A = 4
•Algebra I CP: A = 4
•Integrated Science CP: A = 4
•Integrated Soc. St. CP: A = 4
•PE/Health: A = 4
•Band: A = 4
•Rosetta Stone: A = 4
•G.P.A. = 28/7 = 4.0
Grade Point Average Example
Honors Courses
C.P. Courses
•English I Honors: A = 5
•Algebra I Honors: C = 3
•Integrated Sci. Honors: B = 4
•Integrated Soc. St. Hon: A = 5
•PE/Health: A = 4
•Band: A = 4
•Rosetta Stone: A = 4
•G.P.A. = 29/7 = 4.14
•English I CP: A = 4
•Algebra I CP: A = 4
•Integrated Sci. CP: A = 4
•Integrated Soc. St.: A = 4
•PE/Health: A = 4
•Band: A = 4
•Rosetta Stone: A = 4
•G.P.A. = 28/7 = 4.0
What if I want to play ball in college?
• Become familiar with the NCAA and NAIA websites. and
• PASS YOUR CLASSES! Your GPA combined with your ACT score
determine eligibility.
• Be aware of the “NCAA Core Courses” that are acceptable for
the required 16 credits that determine your NCAA g.p.a.
Examples of classes that do not count: vocational school,
career and technical, arts/humanities/music, physical
education/health, journalism/media, our foreign language
Next steps…
1. Obtain information from curricular guide,
school website, and from
counselors/teachers on course selection,
CP/Honors, and graduation requirements.
2. Be ready for “portal scheduling” next
Thursday, March 15 at TCMS. Return the
scheduling form to Mrs. Marsh before March
15, signed by a parent.
• Contact information and websites:
• Brigette Kunselman 255-7781, ext. 2003
• [email protected]
• The Trimble County High School webpage will give
direct access to student portal for schedule
requests. In addition, there will be a link to the
curricular guide and this presentation.