world history Warm ups

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Transcript world history Warm ups

World History
Ms. Ream
• W: How do you think historians
figure out info about people and
places who that had no writing?
• P: Cave Painting
• W: 1. Before agriculture developed,
how did people get food?
• 2. Read a voice from the past pg. 15.
What new tools did farming
encourage people to develop?
• P: City-States in Mesopotamia:
Guided Reading-17
• W: What is the purpose of laws in a
• P: Create a report card that assesses
Hammurabi's code with regard to:
slaves rights, women’s rights, property
rights, victims’ rights- justify each
grade given and reason.
• W: What is the oldest story you know?
What information do we learn about a
civilization through their stories?
• P: Rewrite the story of Gilgamesh in
modern time
• W: Pretend that you have just been transported
to Egypt by a time machine. Write a story about
your experience. Include name, where you live
locally, how you got to Egypt, time period (Old
Kingdom), area you visited, what you saw.
• P: Using info from notes and book create a chart
or sketch/drawing to show how
Sumerians/Egyptians made use of their
environment. Then tell which group you think
made better use of what they had. Defend your
• W: What characteristics do India/China
shore with Egypt and Meso
• P: Review for test
• Prehistory-Ancient World Test
• P: Cover Page Chapter 3& 4
• W: Read Interact with History pg 56.
Answer 3 questions and be prepared to
• P: 1. What important contributions did
the Aryan invaders make to the culture
and way of life in India
• 2. For what environmental reasons
might the indo-Europeans have
migrated? (wealth, health, occupational
needs)? (society, religion, lit)
• W: why do societies develop religion?
How does religions affect a person’s
• P: Identify the major reasons for
migration and identify how this
influenced/effected religion?
• W: Noble truths
• RSN: Start comparative religions Poster
– Hinduism
– Judaism
• Comparative religions Poster
• Hinduism
• Judaism
• Continue to work in groups and finish
• Sign up for Presentations: will pull
numbers for order picking
• Present Comparative Religions Posters
• Review for Test Chapter 3 & 4
• Test over Chapter 3 & 4
• Cover Page Ancient Greece and Rome
• W: Ancient Greece Graphic Definition
– 6 pics
• P: Greek War game questions
• W: Chapter 5 crossword puzzle
• P: People of Greece
• W: According to yesterday’s notes, what
type of govt does this class most
resemble (monarchy, tyranny, oligarchy
or democracy?)
• P: Guided Reading –The Roman Empire
Brings Change pg 21
• W: Rome: People and Accomplishments
Crossword Puzzle
• P: Rate the 10 reasons 1 as the greatest
10 the lowest and give a rational for
each placement
• W: What aspects of Rome can you see in
modern life?
• P:What are the top 3 accomplishments
and justify each response
• Review for test
• Ancient Greece and Roman Test
• P: Cover Page Ch 7 & 12
• W: Write a thing you know about India
and China. Write 1 question you have
on each.
• P: Indus Valley Civilization and the
• W: Create a drawing of a trophy that has
your 3 most important achievements
engraved on it. Below the drawling,
explain what these achievements reveal
about you as a person.
• P: Gupta Travel log
• W: How is the US divided into Social
• P: Compare India’s caste system with
the US
• W: Read Interact with History page 286
answer qts
• P: Feudal Powers in Japan Guided
Reading pg 37
• Kingdoms of SE Asia and Korea Guided
Reading pg 38
• W: What does societies beliefs tell
about them?
• P: Review
• Review/Test
• P: Cover Page Rise of Islam
• W: What are your beliefs/views of a
Muslim and being Islamic?
• P: Guided Reading-The Rise of Islam pg
• W: Create a venn diagram comparing
and contrasting Shiites and Sunni
• P: Annotated mosaic timeline of
Muslim Empire Development
– At least 6 entries
• W: Create a graphic definition of
Muslim- 5 pics
• P: Create a museum exhibit for
displaying the contributions of the
Muslim World
• Review for Test
• Tests Ancient Islam
• P: Cover Page Middle Ages
• W: Why was Constantinople
• P: Create real estate ad to encourage
people to move to Constantinople after
the Great Schism of 1054:
– Include: memorable slogan, location of
Constantinople (map), 4 paragraphs of
info-geography, govt, religion, daily life,
with visuals
• Extra creative touches that make ad
• W: What are 3 geographic barriers that
divide Europe?
• P: Eulogy of Charlemagne
• Newspaper Editorials
• Vikings attach Europe
• Enjoy Thanksgiving Break!!!!!!!!!!!!
• W: What role do you think the Church
played in the feudal system?
• P: Trade, towns, and financial
revolution Guided Reading
• W: Create graphic definitions for the
following: lord, fief, vassal, knight, serf,
manor, tithe
• P: Medieval Times WS
• W: Interact w/ History Would you join
the Crusade? Pg 340 qts1-4
• P: Facial Expressions about the
– Muslims
– Nobles
• W: How did the increase in trade
change medieval society?
• P: England and France develop-Guided
• Black Death
• W: Why did the bubonic plague cause
people to turn away from the Catholic
• P: Discuss the major changes in
medieval society after the 100 yrs war.
• Review for test
• Test: Middle Ages
January 3-4
• W: Cover Page: Renaissance and
• P: Early Nation states h.o.
January 5-6
• W: 1. Explain the conditions in Italy that
gave rise to the Renaissance.
• 2. Identify the values and ideas prized
during the Renaissance.
• P: Guided reading (19)- The Northern
January 9-10
• W: Read interact with History page 416 and
answer questions
• P: Poem on Renaissance Greats
January 11-12
• W: Choose 1 Renaissance figure and explain how
he or she was influenced by Renaissance ideas,
the concept of the Renaissance, influence of
humanism, use of new techniques.
• P: Evaluate the effectiveness of the Counter
Reformation by creating a report card (A-F) and
a corresponding written explanation of the
Catholic Church’s performance on: education,
corruption, stopping the spread of Protestantism
and spreading Catholicism to new areas of the
January 13-17
• W: Using a cause and effect graphic, show
the main cause and several effects of
Luther’s action in posting the 95 thesis.
• P: Political Cartoon on Reformation from 2
protestant groups.
January 18-19
• Biography reports
January 20-23
• Biography reports: Presents
• Review for test
January 24-25
• Test: Renaissance and Reformation
• Cover Page: Exploration
January 26-27
• W: What type of items would you find on a
sunken ship?
• P: What are the 3 G’s and their connection
to Expansion
January 30-31
• W: Interact with history page 485 answer
questions 1-3
• P: Create an advertisement encouraging
people to join the Portuguese or Spanish
ships on exploring the new world. 2 pics,
title/slogan, 3 reasons why to join
February 1-2
• W: Using a diagram trace the major events
in the establishment of Spain’s empire in
the Americas beginning with Columbus’s
• P: Map exercise-Colonial Empire
February 3-7
• W: What was the Columbian Exchange and
list 3 examples of the effects of the
Columbian exchange.
• P: Which explorer is the most justified to
have a monument? The least?
February 8-9
• Movie: 1492 or Amistad
February 10-13
• Movie
• Review
February 14-15
• Test: Exploration
• Cover Page: French Revolution
February 16-21
• W: Create a graphic definition of
• P: Create a chart that list the conditions
that allowed European monarchs to gain
power. Then list the ways they exercised
their increased power
February 22-March 6
• 22-24
• Quiz
• Mock Trial: European Absolute
• 29-6 Present Trials
March 7-8
• W: Create an illustrated dictionary entry
for “revolution.”
• P: Create a chart/diagram showing the
causes o the Scientific revolution
March 9-13
• W: Interact with history page 544 answer
questions 1-3
• P: Award gold, silver, and bronze medals
to the individual or group you think made
the most important contributions during
this period…. In each podium, draw a
picture/symbol to represent that winner.
Then complete the sentence.
• The contributions of ______ deserve the
medal because…………
March 14-15
• W: How did the idea of “right to rule” or
divine right change in the Enlightenment?
• P: How did the scientific revolution give
way to the enlightenment? Give 3 examples
March 16-20
• 16W: Define Absolute monarchs and what
conditions lead to absolutism and how
monarchs exercise their power
• P:
March 21-22
• W: Explain the impact of the
Enlightenment on western civilization
• P: Events in North America
March 23-27
• W: How did the Enlightenment ideas
• P: Why is the American Revolution
important to world history?
• Review for test
March 28-29
• Test: Scientific Revolution and
• Cover Page: French Revolution
March 30-April 4
• W: Interact with History page 572 answer
questions 1-3
• P: Guillotine Game W.S
• Movie: Les Miserables
April 5-16
• Story book of French Revolution
April 17-18
• W: How did Napoleon gain power in
France and why did people like him? (Goals
of Rev?)
• P: Doomed March to Russia
April 19-20
• W: What were Napoleon’s 3 costly
mistakes? (tactical and Political)
• P: Create a poster detailing the outcomes of
the Congress of Vienna
• Include: Metternich’s 3 goals, the fears of
the rest of Europe, penalty for France: title,
pictures, colors
April 23-24
• W: Name 3 ways the Industrial Revolution
affects your life today?
• P: Guided Reading-An Age of Reforms
• Review for test
April 25-26
• Test: French Revolution
• Cover Page: Nationalism, Conservatism,
May 1-2
• W: What does it mean to have
nationalism? Do you? How?
• P: Thought bubbles/facial expressions for
each definition
May 3-4
• W: Interact with History page 602
questions 1-4
• P: Create a cartoon for each area reflecting
the change: Italy, Germany, Latin America
May 7-8
• W: What were the 6 results of the Peace of
• P: How did the unification of Germany
create fractures in Europe and set up the
world for WWI?
May 9-10
• W: What can you infer about the
Europeans attitudes toward Africans from
the period of imperialism?
• P: Identify the positive and negative effects
of Imperialism on Africa
May 11-14
• W: How did Britain end up in India?
• P: Review for test
May 15-16
• Test: Nationalism, Conservatism,