Mayflies by: Sam Easterbrook

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Transcript Mayflies by: Sam Easterbrook

by: Sam Easterbrook
– 2,000 species of
mayflies worldwide.
– One of the oldest
known animals, has
been around
300,000,000 years.
– These insects are very
small adults only reach
about 2cm in length.
– Mayfly larvae spend
two to three years in a
pond or river before
developing into an
– For adult mayflies
flight is very weak
because of their very
thin fragile wings.
– Unlike many other
flying insects mayflies
cannot walk on the
– Main purpose of adult
mayflies is to
– Mayflies die almost
immediately after
– Adult mayflies cannot
eat because of
degenerate mouth parts
and an incomplete
digestive tract.
– The scientific name of
mayflies is
Ephemeroptera danica
(meaning living for a
– Mayflies also have
well developed
compound eyes.
– Females always lay
eggs in water.
– Mayflies are also used
for fly fishing.
– Trout especially like
mayflies for bate.
– In conclusion mayflies
are an interesting insect
that live when young,
become an adult,
reproduce then die.
Then the cycle starts
– Thank you for