`Enchanted Loom` (for KS4) - History of Medical Sciences

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Transcript `Enchanted Loom` (for KS4) - History of Medical Sciences

‘The Enchanted Loom’ - Art-science workshop…
Crossing the boundaries between science and art..
Image credit: Laboratory of Neuro Imaging – University of Southern California and Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging,
Consortium of the Human Connectome Project
Credit Dr Lizzie Burns ‘Me and myself’
“swiftly the brain becomes an enchanted loom,
where millions of flashing shuttles weave a
dissolving pattern – always a meaningful pattern”
Image credit :Christine Daniloff/MIT
An extraordinary man…
Sir Charles Scott Sherrington
A scientist…
Credit Wellcome Images
A scientist…
Credit: Heidi Cartwright, Wellcome Images
Credit Dr Hermann Cuntz & Prof. Michael Häusser, UCL, Wellcome Images
Credit : Dr Lizzie Burns/Medical Research Council
The man…
Credit: Wellcome Library, London
1857 – Born in Islington
1871 – Ipswich Grammar School (teacher – poet)
1876 – St Thomas’s Hospital, London
1879 – Cambridge, Natural Sciences
1881 – Seventh International Medical Congress,
1886 – Royal Society, sent to Cholera epidemic
in Spain, Berlin
1887 – St Thomas – lecturer (scar tissue, blood,
bacteria, oysters
1891 – Institute of Preventative Medicine –
diphtheria antitoxin
1895-1913 – University of Liverpool
1913-1935 – Magdalen College, ‘Mammalian
1914 – Industrial Fatigue board – 13 hour shifts
(age 57!)
1932 – Nobel prize (with E. D. Adrian)
1935 – Retired
1937 – ‘On man and his Nature’
1952 – died aged 94 years
A box of wonders…
“We must
learn to teach
the best
attitude to
what is not
yet known”
- What would you like to learn about in science?
- What do you think we’ll never fully understand?
Credit Nuada Medical , Wellcome Images
Nerve/muscle portraits…
“all man can do is to
move things”
Draw around body
and draw and paint in
nerves/ muscles..
Work of art!
Write in what different
bits might do…
Credit Miles Kelly Art Library, Wellcome Images
Neurons controlling muscles
Credit Hermann Aberle,
University of Munster,
Wellcome Images
Credit: Tom
Wellcome Images
Credit John Wildgoose, Wellcome Images
Make a bit of brain…
“The whole crust of the brain is
one thick tangled jungle of
exchanges and of branching lines
going thither and coming thence”
Credit Andrew Kueh, Wellcome Images
Draw a neuron
Add more + synapses
Credit Dr Jonathan Clarke, Wellcome Images
Credit Mark Lythgoe & Chloe Hutton, Wellcome Images
Credit Patrick Hales, UCL, Wellcome Images
Brain self-portrait
Draw a picture of you and your brain..
Imagine what’s happening inside – lots going on!
Box of wonders...
Look at brain slices…
Contribute to collages…
“it is as though our mind were a pool of which
movements on the surface only are what we
“step by step things shape. There appear, tiny
a first, what to the eye of the expert are
recognisable as rudiments of parts of the
future creature”
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Courtesy of the Laboratory of Neuro Imaging –
University of Southern California and Martinos
Center for Biomedical Imaging, Consortium of the
Human Connectome Project