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Monday, Feb. 10
Today we will investigate
and describe the role and
sacrifices of members of
the American armed forces
on D-Day and the WWII in
Europe by taking notes and
investigation different
“fronts” of WWII.
• Warm Up
• U.S. Prepares for
War on the Home
• V-E Day
• Holocaust
• What did you learn
in school
Green Desk: Clean Up
Orange Desk: Gather Materials
Pink Desk: Recorder
Yellow Desk: Gather Handouts
1. Who are the members of
the Big Three?
2. What is an example of a
change that occurred on
the Homefront during
3. Why did the US Gov. detain
127,000 Japanese
Americans in Interment
Warm Up
The Homefront
• After Pearl Harbor, many
Americans came to fear
that another attack was
imminent on American
soil. Fear, not facts,
cause the American
government to contain
127,000 JapaneseAmerican citizens in
internment camps.
Internment Camps: a prison
camp for the confinement of
enemy aliens, prisoners of war,
political prisoners.
The Homefront
Based on these pictures
and what you know, what
was the opinion of
The Homefront
• Much like WWI, many
Americans enlisted in the
military, leaving their daily
jobs behind. Women
stepped in to fill the void
and keep making bullets,
tanks, planes, and other
• It was a combined effort
for everyone. Dad went to
war, Mom went to work,
and the kids rationed their
food for soldiers overseas.
What is the point of
these WWII
What is the
message to
women during
D-Day (June 6, 1944)
Normandy Landing
(June 6, 1944)
German Prisoners
Higgins Landing Crafts
The Liberation of Paris:
August 25, 1944
De Gaulle in
U. S. Troops in Paris, 1944
The Battle of the Bulge:
Hitler’s Last Offensive
Dec. 16, 1944
Jan. 28, 1945
Yalta: February, 1945
FDR wants quick Soviet entry into Pacific war.
y FDR & Churchill concede Stalin needs buffer,
FDR & Stalin want spheres of influence and a
weak Germany.
y Churchill wants
strong Germany
as buffer
against Stalin.
y FDR argues
for a ‘United
US & Russian Soldiers Meet at
the Elbe River: April 25, 1945
Hitler Commits Suicide
April 30, 1945
Cyanide & Pistols
The Führer’s Bunker
Mr. & Mrs. Hitler
V-E Day (May 8, 1945)
General Keitel
Soviets take Berlin
of the Holocaust Exposed
Entrance to
Work Makes You
of the Holocaust Exposed
Slave Labor at Buchenwald
Horrors of the Holocaust Exposed
Mass Graves at Bergen-Belsen
What did you learn in school
1. What was it like on D-Day
for all soldiers?
2. Why do you think the U.S.
Military decide upon a
land invasion of the
French beaches? Was this
for the common good?
3. How was D-Day a turning
point in the War?