World War II & The Holocaust Student made

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Transcript World War II & The Holocaust Student made

World War II
The Holocaust
Student made
Nazis Vs. Jews
•Nazi- abbreviation for the
National Socialist German
Workers’ Party that ruled
Germany from 1933-1945
(along with Hitler).
•Jew- a Jewish person; one
target of the Holocaust
•Aryan- people the Nazis
considered to be “pure”
racially; Caucasian Gentiles.
•Adolph Hitler- the
German dictator from 19331945; founder of the Nazi
•Nazi government
attacked all nonAryans, including
Jews, misfits, disabled,
and others.
Hitler’s Plans and Propaganda
• The Final Solution: the final, complete genocide of all
inferior races (AKA non-Aryans)
• Hitler’s speeches were deeply moving and slowly
persuaded the public into his ways.
• Propaganda- the spreading of ideas, information, or rumor
for the purpose of helping or injuring a cause
• Joseph Goebbels
• Hitler related the Jews’ population within Germany to an
infestation of rats
Camps of the Holocaust:
Death, Slave and
• Death Camp: Where victims were taken
to be killed
• Slave Camp: camps where useful
“undesirables” went to work, then most
likely die.
• Concentration Camp: prison camp where
“undesirables” went
• These camps were based on Hitler’s Final
Solution- to exterminate all of the
Finally…A Surrender!
• When Germany was defeated in World
War II, this brought the surrender of
Hitler and his party, including the
release of all camps.
• Because the Germans were so precise
with their records of torture, they
were forced to burn the concentration
camps and previous records to the
Pearl Harbor: The Introduction
to World War II
• Before Pearl Harbor, the
United States was just a
speculator in the world
• Japan had decided to
bomb Pearl Harbor, a
rest stop for cargo
(successfully) to involve
the US in the war
• This had really ticked
off the US, thus, making
them become an ally in
the war.
• Pearl Harbor became
the drafting call for
many citizens of the
United States.
• June 6, 1944
• Dooms Day (AKA D-Day) was the day of
the Normandy invasion upon France.
• Despite the losses of D-Day, it was a true
victory for the allied forces