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AI in the News
“Creation of Breakthrough Consumer
Robotic and Electronic Products”
Biology, Electronics, Aesthetics and Mechanics
• The essential principles of BEAM involve using
simple electronics to create mechanical
• BEAM relies on the concept of “nervous
• Robots rely on simple sensors like touch, light
and heat detectors which feed into circuits that
have configurable responses.
– Unlike traditional robotics where huge amounts of
time and energy go into programming complex
artificial intelligence,
Robosapien V2
“Biomech tech had an original goal of providing reliable, inexpensive
cradles for the Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) experiments scientists have
been dreaming about since Turing.
Took a while but we succeeded in that with the RS2 -- a self-stable, 2
foot tall, hackable multi-motor humanoid with a mostly empty head.
Someone either better give it smarts or let it run for office.
What my research found still intrigues though, the fact that the brains
can be minimal if the body is competent.”
- Mark Tilden, creator of Robosapien
From Entertainment to Work
“We concentrate on entertainment robots so we could get a handle on
reliable techniques before we put them to work. Still, we're approaching
territory now that's never been covered. Robots need a strong sense of
self, some fundamentals of courtesy, autonomy, self-preservation, and
competence before we can trust them to do serious stuff.
Each robot we market is an experiment in refining our machines and our
Mark Tilden
Robosapien V2
Robosapien V2 is a highly evolved robotic fusion of
technology and personality, combining fluid biomechanical
motion with a multi-sensory, interactive humanoid
personality. This 24” tall, second generation Robosapien is
capable of autonomous “free roam” behavior, and includes
the following features:
Robosapien V2
- Multiple levels of environmental interaction, with humans and objects
- Sight, sound and touch senses
- Humanoid body movements, including bending, sitting and standing,
lying down and getting up, dancing, waving, martial arts …
- Speech: Responds verbally to environmental stimuli and to controller
- Color Vision System: Recognizes colors and skin tones
- Stereo Sound Detection System: “Hears” and reacts to sounds
- IR Vision: Detects and avoids obstacles; tracks moving objects
- True bi-pedal walking with multiple gaits
Robosapien V2
- Precision gripping, articulated fingers
- Realistic 2-axis turning head with animated
LED eyes
- 100 pre-programmed functions
- 2 demonstration modes
- 6 programming modes
- Remote control, autonomous “free roam” and
guard modes
- Sleep and auto-shut off function
- Age Grading: 8+
RS Media Robot
• Completely user reconfigurable at several levels and
emminently hackable.
• The RS2 (Robosapien V2) core
– keeps the robot from being forced to do itself damage
– contains a list of “bodycon” actions for default operations like
walking, reaching, dancing, etc., though you can send individual
action commands.
• You can edit the system, the program flow, or add your
own apps to the kernel via PC running provided
• So, RS Media is a walking, talking, reconfigurable MP3
player running a Linux kernel.
Hear Mark Tilden Speak
• Here is your chance to hear Mark Tilden
present a 65 minute lecture titled:
– “The Relevance of Living Features in
Commercial Products”
• An excellent opportunity to get some real
insight into the robots in entertainment
business from one of the most successful
players in the business.