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Artificial Intelligence
Learning Center
AI for Everyone
Robotic Structure
AI Room
Inside robot’s head
Robotics Room
Inside robot’s body
Gathering Place
Inside global sphere
Plan for AILC
Bring AI to everyone
Make AI “Apple Easy” like iPhone and
smart phone applications do for other
technologies today
Provide an easy method to learn about AI
Provide AI examples from “low end” free
open source solutions up to “high end”
solutions used by government and
corporate industry
Show AI uses in virtual worlds, robotics,
web, and smart phone applications
AILC Scripting Challenge
Items to consider for scripting:
Need to separate AI so they don’t talk to
each other. Some AI can be told to
ignore other AI, but not all
May want “quiet mode” for some of the
AI technologies (for Gathering Place)
Develop holodeck rooms similar to Star
Trek, where everything changes at the
push of a button
Web-based interface to provide greater
AI search that can change out the room
to show different AI and robotics
Virtual Guide: Sun Tzu
This Virtual Guide was modeled by Sonalysts, Inc.
after the ancient Chinese military strategist Sun Tzu
and will serve as the “Guardian of Knowledge” at the
AILC. Sun Tzu was the General for King Ho Lu in
circa 500 BC and the reported author of "The Art of
War." This automated avatar uses advanced artificial
intelligence technologies from Daden Limited which
provide him with many capabilities:
Guided tours
 Avatar movements & Teleportation
 Web scraping of web services
 Chatbot & Instant Messaging
 Emotion engine
 Automated Social Networking
 Ability to learn from the environment
For more information on the Greybeards project,
see: http://openvce.net/greybeards
AI Research
To provide rich content for the AILC, we’ll
need extensive research into the uses of AI
in various areas. We can reach out through
SL and LinkedIn to different Artificial
Intelligence communities of interest. We’ll
need as much help as possible with this