Transcript 00-2014

Artificial Intelligence
and Robotics
Spring 2014
• Marius Silaghi
General Introduction
• CSE 5694 content
• Grading
• Policies
• To provide a grand tour of the organization
of this semester’s class
• By the book
– Russel&Norvig: Artificial Intelligence
• By slides and hand-notes
– Linked from the website of the class:
• Everything mentioned in class has to be retained
– Write down notes of what we discuss and is not on
CSE 5694 Topics
Robotics Overview: The role of planning
Robotics and AI algorithms
Planning with POP
(Dynamic) Bayes Nets
Markov Chains, HMMs, POMDPs, Kalman
• iCreate robot, R12 arm
Take Home exam 1 (15% each)
Take Home exam 2 (15% each)
Project mobile robot (15%)
Project robot arm (15%)
Project robot vision (15%)
Attendance & Participation. 5%
Paper Review 20%
Attendance and Participation
• Attendance is taken each class, and together with
participation it is worth 5% of the final grade.
• You are considered absent at a lecture during which you
watch a device (laptop/PDA/phone, etc.) or read a book.
• Participation is a measure of your constructive
involvement in the course:
asking “the right questions”
at “the right time”
being serious and non-disturbing otherwise
helping your colleagues when needed
attending office hours
• Submission of the same project by two
teams corresponds to getting -50% of the
points for that project (a negative score).
• You get -100% if your code is found to
come from the Internet
Have fun!
• Suggestions are welcome.
End of General Introduction